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Friday, July 24, 2009

Bon Bon Cupcake

Isn't she cute?
"Born on Valentine's Day, Bon Bon is an ultra-mod Japanese-French girl
who's ultra-mad for Vespas, Pop Art, space age lounge, and 60s sounds."

Bon Bon was created by Noel Tolentino, a staff artist at Cosmic Debris.

Mod Target for a Mod girl.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

He Said/She Said: Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes

Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes

ISBN 13: 9780307394538
ISBN 10: 0307394530
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Hardcover: 260 Pages

S: Summer time! Weddings! Cakes! Don't forget the popular wedding cupcakes too!
: This is a great ideas books to me. It contains page after page of great designs.
S: The subtitle is More than 100 inspiring cakes, an indispensable guide for the bride and the baker. And that is exactly what the book delivers. A very helpful guide book that informs brides on choosing their wedding cake. Or, if you're daring or experienced, you can make your own wedding cake! There are instructions and recipes in this guide.
H: What really sells this book is the beautiful food styling. The photography and design of the book is done with care. I really like the full pages of coloured photographs. Something we look for in all cookbooks. Especially if the book is going to focus on decorations - you just have to see the final outcome.
S: You can get a quick sample of her designs by doing a photo search of "Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes." Dozens of beautifully decorated cakes will immediately show up.
H: This book is in three main parts: choosing your cake, the large and important section of cake designs, and "making a wedding cake."
S: The first section is really a useful guide. For those who don't know that much about cakes, it tells you a cake's component, about how a cake should be presented, and tips for finding the perfect baker to collaborate with.
H: Next, the "album of cake" is sure to astonish you! The tiny, tiny piping details and the intricate (oops, almost typed intricake there) designs will have you shake your head and wonder how long it must have taken.
S: The cake on the cover is a seven-tier classic cake... seven! (page 49) This cake is seriously a test of skill and patience. The bottom tier has royal icing roses and drop strings, the next tier has ruffles, tiny grapes, and shells, the next level has the impressive cross-hatching, etc. etc!!!!
H: The wedding cupcake tower is on page 83. The cupcake stand is quite beautiful and I was surprised to read that it was only made from Styrofoam, cake boards, and doily. Overall, the book is very handy and has so much information in it.
S: The information is all presented in a great way and the photographs aren't there for the sake of it, they do help enhance what is being said. This book is a great addition and with minor tweeking, the cakes don't have to be categorized as only for "weddings."
H: We both agree that this is a 5/5 guide book.