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Hi! Can I use your photos?
Yes, no, and maybe so.

Yes, if you're sharing, mentioning, or spotlighting our photos online, please give the correct credit: "A Baked Creation, www.abakedcreation.com" That's all you have to do online (for any other type of medium, please contact us). Just link back to us so that your readers know where the photo source is from.

No, if you are trying to promote your own bakery, store, or shop. Please do not use our photos and claim you sell them. That is quite dishonest to your customers! All images and content on this site are the sole property of A Baked Creation and may not be used or copied for commercial use without our expressed consent. No altering, editing, transforming, and building upon our photos.

Maybe so, if you ask us nicely, we will be nice back. We appreciate people who take time to ask.


How do you make your photo collages?
Two ways! And the best part? They are both free!

First, you can download Google Picasa onto your computer. This is a free photo editing program from Google that I use. It helps organize my photos and provides easy album uploads. One of the creative components about this program is the collage. You can create picture piles, frame style, grids, contact sheets, and multiple exposure. I generally stick to the mosaic style for my collages.

I also use PicMonkey on my web browser. You don't have to download this program, so you can use this on any computer. It is simple and easy to use.


What camera do you use?
We have toggled between so many cameras since the start of this blog. Starting with the Canon PowerShot SD300, we moved to the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS, the Canon PowerShot SD940 IS, and the Canon PowerShot G9. And when we've left the camera at home, there's always our iPhone and Nokia Lumia 920! We then dappled with micro four thirds starting with the Olympus Pen E-PM1. Now we rotate between two: The Olympus Pen-F and Olympus OM-D with the M. Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens. I'm afraid I don't know much about the technical terms and capabilities, but if you write to us, Howard can probably answer your questions. I can tell you that I love how it's smaller than a DSLR, focuses like a dream, and takes great photos in low-light. Bokeh, bokeh, bokeh!


What kind of cupcake baking cups do you use?
First, we've seen a lot of people use the Wilton nut & party cups to bake in. These are coated with wax on the inside and are not meant for baking. So please don't use them.

We use paper portion cups to bake in. They are also called paper soufflé cups. If you have ever gotten food samples from grocery stores, festivals, or outdoor events, those pleated cups are what we're using.

What brand are they?
Brands that sell these cups are Solo and Genpak. There are probably more if you did a search, but these are two of the main companies we found.

What size do you use to bake cupcakes?
For the regular cupcakes, we use the 3 1/4 oz to bake in. For mini cupcakes, we use the cute little 1 oz.

What are some advantages to baking in these baking cups?
We think they look good, they stand for themselves, and they cater to different eaters. If you don't have a big oven, you can line up all these cups on a baking tray instead of restricting yourself to baking the usual dozen.

How do you eat the cupcake in these baking cups?
Well! There can't be a wrong way to eat a cupcake! Some may want to use a spoon, fork, or spork and eat the cupcakes out of the cup that way. This method is less messy. The other way is to pull the pleats apart. The cups unfold if you tug at the sides. We have photos here if you want to see how to free your cupcake. Or, before baking, you can cut a tiny tear on the edge of the cup. That way, it can easily be pulled apart.


What do you use to decorate your cupcakes?
We use rolled fondant to decorate most of our cupcakes. It is basically an edible, sweet dough. Fondant is perfect for creating smooth surfaces, sculptures, and decorations.

Do you make your own fondant?
No, we don't make our own fondant, although you can! We purchase our fondant because we find it easy to work with and it has a good consistency. The brand we use is called Satin Ice.


Where are you located?
We blog from home in Toronto, Ontario.

Where is your bakery?
We don't have a bakery and don't take orders. We're just crazy about good food and baked goods!


Do you do reviews?
Sometimes. It depends on the product. Feel free to contact us to see if we're interested. You are most welcome to send us samples and we might use them in a post, but we can’t provide any guarantees that we’ll write about them. Please note that if we do, we will state that the product was supplied by you in our review. We also don't guarantee a positive review nor will we be able to have it done within a week. We will do our best with the free time we have after our full-time jobs.

Since we are two, the format of our reviews are a bit different! Sometimes, we write in the form of a conversation with the H: being "he said" or "Howard" and the S: being "she said" a.k.a. "Sylvia." We hope you enjoy our banter as we review products! Click here, here, or here for some examples.


I'm interested in advertising on your blog. / I'm interested in partnering with your blog.
First and foremost, please keep in mind that A Baked Creation is a Canadian blog. If this doesn't cause any territory restrictions for you, read on!

We have received over 1,130,000 views since our first post and still average over 30,000 visitors a month. The majority of visitors are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (please contact us if you'd like to see any aspects of these numbers in greater detail).

We have been honoured with being a Featured Blogger of the Month by Citytv’s CityLine, showcased in Today's Parent magazine, a featured blog on Foodista; listed as a Best Blog by Open Kitchen Magazine, a finalist for Best Baking and Dessert Blog in the 2010 Canadian Food Blog Awards; nominated for the Ninjamatics' Canadian Weblog Awards, awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, and the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Sylvia and Howard have been interviewed by Jennifer Bain of The Toronto Star and Angela Pacienza from the Canadian Press, the story was syndicated. We're one of the selected "Off the Grid" bloggers for Grid TO. We have collaborated with amazing companies such as LibertĂ© with their Greek yogurt, Kraft’s Philadelphia cream cheese with their Real Women of Philadelphia program, Hershey’s Canada with their REESE Minis, Delta with their Touch20 Technology faucets, Cuisinart Canada on their 12-cup Elite Collection Food Processor, Robin Hood for their 30th anniversary Holiday Recipe Collection, ZWILLING J.A. HENCKEL, and ACE Bakery with their Artisan Incubator.


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