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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink Birthday Cupcakes

This roommate loves PINK. A dozen of vanilla and a dozen of chocolate cupcakes, topped with lovely pink swirls and pretty little bows. As always, there are more photos posted on our facebook page and flickr account!

1. Pretty little white bows made from fondant.

2. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream swirls.

3. Cupcakes with pink buttercream swirls and a white fondant bow.

4. Personalized plaques made from gum paste.
Top: Happy Birthday Camille
Bottom: KK (Camille's nickname)

5. We hope you have a great surprise birthday party!


  1. Lovely and simply feminine! I hope you're going to participate in the Virtual Cupcake Crawl.

  2. I just discovered your blog and love your creativity! What did you use to make the letter?

  3. Could you please do a tutorial for this one? These cupcakes are so cute and my best friend's birthday is coming up soon, she'd absolutely love them...
    Thanks! Love your blog SOOOO much!

  4. Elaine - Thank you! =)

    AnnaBeL - Thank you! The Happy Birthday plaque is made from fondant, using stamps to emboss the letters. The initials were hand cut fondant letters.

    Maxxie - I'm so sorry for the late reply! I will put a bow tutorial on my to-do list. =)