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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Princess Birthday Cupcakes

Do we remember Brian's little red car birthday cake? Today is his cousin's birthday! Ashley's favourite colour is pink and she likes princesses. Her favourite princess story is Cinderella, so we made a castle, some crowns, a magic wand, and the famous slipper from fondant.

We heart chocolate cupcakes!

Castle, magic wand, "glass" - fondant slipper, and flowers!

Crowns fit for a prince and princess! Check out the sprinkle "jewels" embedded into the crowns.

Plaques made from fondant.

Happy 6th Birthday Ashley!

As always, there are more photos posted on our facebook page and flickr account!


  1. These are wonderful. So creative! Now I want to learn to use fondant.

  2. Very cute! I love the plaques! Were they stamps?

  3. Rachell Taylor - Thank you! Fondant isn't too hard to learn, it has a play-doh feel with it. Don't be intimidated to try! Cake decorating books do a good job explaining fondant too.

    sabriena - Thanks! Yes, the letters are done using stamps.

    Jennywenny - Thanks! I always wanted to try making crowns. =)

  4. your cupcakes are adorable! my faves are the castle and the princess wand :)

  5. junko and CookingCourtney - Thank you! =)

  6. Just wondering how you made the crowns? I've been trying to attempt crowns like that for a little while and can't seem to get it right! Any tips?


  7. Hi Margarita,

    Here are some (hopefully) easy-to-follow steps:
    1. Dye the fondant in the colour you want the crown to be.
    2. Using a roller, roll the fondant flat, about 0.3-0.4cm thick. This, we found was key! Thin fondant does not stand up well!
    3. Use a clean knife, cut out a rectangle shape.
    4. Pick one of the lengths to be the top of the crown and cut out the spikes/design you would like. We pushed in little sprinkles for ours to create "jewels" for the crown. Carefully decorate the crown.
    5. Side note: Have either wax paper or a place to put these crown when you're done. I would sprinkle icing sugar on the surface area. Just so the crown won't stick to the wax paper or area when it dries.
    6. Carefully pick up the crown.
    7. Then carefully curve the rectangle shape so that the 2 widths of the rectangle meet.
    8. It should look like a crown now. Place it in the icing sugar to dry for a couple of hours. The day before works too.
    9. After you bake your cupcakes, have it cool. Put on a swirl of frosting. Then the crown!

    We hope this helps! Best of luck!