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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Year One

Happy 1 year birthday lil blog!

Wow, time just flies.
See what we mean? Time is just soaring away in those tiny wings.

*cue montage music*
It started out as a fun weekend at our nearest Michael's store (which was not in the city we live in). We had a fantastic Wilton instructor, Antonella, who taught us all three levels of Cake Decorating. And we learned a lot about cakes, buttercream, royal icing, colour flow icing, gumpaste, and fondant. We would highly recommend taking these courses if you want to try your hand at cake decorating.

We're glad that we started this blog and we hope that you have enjoyed our baked creations! Thank you to our followers, everyone who became a fan on facebook, followed us on twitter, and added us as a contact on flickr. Most of all, thank you for all the comments and conversations! Finally, a huge thank you to all our families and friends for their support and inspirations.

Okay, we're getting the signal to end our speech... so let's move onto the fun stuff: Giveaway time! We hope you love cake/decorating cookbooks, because we're giving this awesome set away!

Bookish Treats:
Confetti Cakes for Kids
Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes
The Whimsical Bakehouse

To enter the Year One Giveaway Contest:
  1. Under this post's comments, please leave your: Name, E-mail (or some kind of reliable contact), and tell us your favourite creation from our blog or your favourite books! Easy stuff!
  2. This contest is available to residents of Canada and the U.S.A. only - sorry International cupcake lovers! =(
  3. The Year One Giveaway Contest contest is open on August 18th 2009 until August 28th 2009. Comments posted after 12 midnight EST on August 28th will not be considered.
  4. The winner will be randomly chosen on August 30th 2009 and then announced on August 31st 2009 on our blog.
  5. Don't forget, you are allowed 1 entry by commenting (any more than that and they will not be considered or deleted) and please leave your correct contact information! Best of luck!


  1. I love anything from the Hello, Cupcake book. Especially the corn on the cob cupcakes.


  2. Name: Bethann Liberty
    E-mail: bethann.liberty at gmail dot com
    tell us your favourite creation from our blog: Invader Zim Birthday Cupcakes (doom doom doomie doooooom!)

  3. My favorite is the Humming Scooters, great idea.

    HAPPY 1ST and many more!!!


  4. Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your baked creation, its always a pleasure to enjoy your creations and writing. I think my favourite creation would have to be the mocha mud cakes that I made for a friend's wedding. Those australians certainly know their cupcakes, and this recipe is no exception!

  5. Brandy Latimer

    My favorite of yours was the Dinosaur Birthday Cupcakes. They were done amazingly well. I love how detailed they were.

  6. My favorite creation were the nursury rhymes cupcakes. What is cuter than a themed shower and coordinating desserts to match?!! Those were the coolest, and most time consuming as well, I'm sure.

  7. I love all cupcake books and blogs. They all provide such great inspiration for all of us!

  8. Happy blogoversary!

    Name: Sarah
    E-mail: jo_jo_ba@hotmail.com
    Blog: http://yummysmells.blogspot.com

    Ooh, it's so tough to choose a favourite of your creations! For me it's a tossup between the Saltimbanco (http://www.abakedcreation.com/2008/08/cirque-du-soleil-saltimbanco.html) and the hedgehogs (http://www.abakedcreation.com/2009/06/how-hedgehog-cupcake-set.html), my sister is a Totoro NUT and voted for them (http://www.abakedcreation.com/2009/06/dust-ball-cupcake.html).

  9. Happy 1 year Blogoversary!

    I think about your fondant hedgehog cupcakes all the time, so I have to say those are my favorite :-)

    As for my favorite baking books, Martha's Baking Handbook and Sky High Cakes are some of my favorites.

    THanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. I love all your baked creations! =) If I had to pick; my favourites are the Eiffel tower cupcakes.

  11. I love your rubber ducky cupcakes and anything From the Hello Cupcake book.

  12. megan.iannone@gmail.com

    You know I'm all about the Sharks! I'm like family, can I still enter?

  13. i recently found your blog and i have to say i'm addicted!

    i'm relatively new to fondant work so i tried some of your simpler designs and joined two together: the pink butterflies and cute birthday cupcake flowers. it turned out great thanks for the inspiration =)


  14. Happy Birthday to your bloggy :) I adore your photos, they are so fabulous and my fave book is Martha Stewarts cupcake book. She too has great photos and I never get tired of reading the book! rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com

  15. Name: Michael Iannone
    Email: SuperCupcakeFan at iannone dot ca

    I think my favorite would have to be the nursery rhyme cupcakes. I think the Sharks cupcakes are also cool though.

  16. I love your creativity!

    My favorites are the butterfly/christening cupcakes...I love the delicate butterflies. I also like the pink princess cupcake set. So much fun!

    Name: Amy
    Email: mykitchenaffair(at)gmail(dot)com

    Note: If I am picked the winner, I already have the confetti cakes for kids cookbook...perhaps you could draw another name for that one? :)

  17. How about I leave a comment just because I love your blog and not because I want free stuff?
    But I'll tell you anyways what's my favorite creation from your blog...this is way too easy... Your Humming Scooters! Duh!!
    But totally love your little dustball dude too! That's pretty funny!
    Happy Anniversary and keep up the rad work!


  18. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! :)

    Name: Jennifer
    E-mail: jlhamilton85@gmail.com
    tell us your favourite creation from our blog: pink princess cupcakes or the holiday housewarming!! LOVE them!!!

  19. Name: Margarita
    Email: margarita.reczek@gmail.com
    Favourite: I love the baptism cupcakes with the butterflies, and I love Martha Stewart's cupcakes!

  20. Name: Amanda
    E-mail: pardy68@hotmail.com
    Tell us your favourite creation from our blog: I loved the Winter Party Cupcakes. YUM YUM

    Happy anniversary!

  21. Happy birthday to your blog!!! I love all your cute designs, but the Humming Scooters are just too cute! I love scooters!! krista(at)thegrandbakery(dot)com!

  22. Happy 1st Anniversary!

    Your creations are simply amazing!

    My favourite are the "Cute Birthday Cupcakes" with the pretty flowers! So beautiful!

    Name: Mira K.
    email: mirak@primus.ca

  23. happy birthday!
    I am obsessed with martha's wedding cake book and anything by mich turner and peggy porschen.

  24. love your blog! Im especially loving the latest... humming scooters... adorabe!


  25. Love love love all your stuff! my fave is definitely the domo cupcakes! so cute!
    Happy anniversary!


  26. Cupcake Retro Y!

    My favorite book at the moment is Americas Test Kitchen Baking!

  27. Happy blogiversary!

    Name: Jennifer
    Email: canewife@gmail.com
    Favorite: definitely the fortune cookie cupcakes. So cute!

  28. Happy Blogiversary!
    My fav books are Confetti Cakes, Martha Stewart Baking (great photographs) and Baking Illustrated. I use that one as a reference. I highly recommend for all kitchens.