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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Agatha's Birthday Sets

Anita is an editor extraordinaire and caring daughter! Anita's mom, Agatha, is a golf fanatic, so a golfing set was natural. I heard that she had actually achieved getting a hole in one before. That is quite an amazing feat, in fact, they had a party for it too. So, I made a set showing Agatha from tee-off to the green.

Notice the yellow tee and all the divot holes (from previous golfers). The fairway passes a pond with the inattentive duck. Then, extends past some trees...

Finally, passes the sand trap and into the hole!
By the way, click here to see the whole album of photos. I went snap happy...

"What else? What else?" you ask. Well, Agatha is born in the Year of the Pig. She's very proud of her zodiac animal. I hope it brings her lots of good fortune.
Pig tail!

"More, more!" you scream. Okay, Agatha has recently been travelling - she loves cruises! Notice all the correct steps. You need to pack your luggage. Hop on a plane. Relax on the cruise as you past by islands (that have turtles sunbathing).
Have a wonderful birthday Agatha!
Fun fact: Agatha and my dad have the same birthday!


  1. The golf course is just brilliant! Great idea. The pig is gorgeous, even his rear end is cute :)

  2. Hahaha the entire 'story' cupcakes theme are so cute!! Love your creations! How about a few tutorials! Would love to learn how you make these cute figurines!

  3. Jeniffer Paxton - Thank you! I wanted to try something different for a golf-theme. It came to me while I was lying in bed. And I just want to hold that little piggy in my hand all day!

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - Thank you! I will try to do more tutorials. =)

    Yael - Thank you!!

  4. Just love the whole golf course idea, very clever.

    You have me racking my brian for what 'story' cupppies I could do now.

    Great job.

  5. THAT PIG IS HILARIOUS! and the golf course is so cute... !

  6. That wee piggy is far too cute for words ;0)

  7. Love the little piggy's! The tails are soooo cute!

  8. Sugar Siren - Thank you, I was lying in bed when the golf course idea popped in my head. I had a hard time telling myself "Don't forget this idea. Fall back asleep! you can work on it in the morning."

    lyndsay - Hehehe, we all love the pig!

    Shauna Younge Dessert Tables - Thank you! =)

    Chele - Thank you! =0)

    Tanya - Glad you love it! Agatha kept the little piggy until last. =)