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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Back: 2009

It is almost New Year's Eve!

Don't you love lists? Well, it is that time of year again as we look back to our top 2009 favourites and some of yours!

The Top 3 Posts of 2009: (This was compiled by Google Analytics)
Most Viewed and Faved Photos on Flickr:
Howard's Top 4 Favourites: (Yes, he couldn't narrow it down to 3!!!)
  1. Squishy - I can't help wanting to squish this cute creation!
  2. Pig - Very cute version of a pig.
  3. Baby Ghost - Clean, cute, and looks great and yet so easy to make, great idea for a quick cupcake decor.
  4. Triceratops - I guess they were my fav dinos when I was a kid, I liked this stubby version of it.
Sylvia's Top 3 Favourites:
  1. Domo Birthday Cupcakes - Domo-kun! Just one look and Domo always makes me smile.
  2. Humming Scooters -It is fun making things for other baking bloggers. =)
  3. Summer Berries - This was by far my favourite tasting cupcake this year. Pineapple-strawberry upside-down cupcakes with ice cream makes a delicious treat!
Click here for the 2008 version. Do you have a favourite that isn't listed here? Let us know!


  1. love your work!

    cheers to a fantastic 2010!

  2. Pamela Kirkpatrick - Thank you!!! I adore your cake designs! Have a wonderful year! =D