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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cupcake Lane

Cupcake Lane
9441 Jane Street, Unit 118
Vaughan, ON L6A 4H8
(905) 303-7669

We tried 6 flavours from Cupcake Lane. We ate one (Lemon Loop) before all the photos were taken. I can describe it for you... vanilla cupcake with yellow lemon buttercream. The lemon buttercream was frosted like petals or loops - very pretty. We got a tiny taste of that cupcake, there were 4 of us, so we each got a quarter. The buttercream had a good lemon flavour.

The five other cupcakes we got were: Cookies’n’cream, Double Chocolate, Strawberry Delight, Pina Colada, and Café Mocha. The cupcake bases are all very pretty and uniformed. They have a nice crown shape, so you know their cakes are consistent. For all the flavours, it was either a vanilla base or a chocolate base cupcake. The flavours are not in the cake, but in the buttercream.

For example, the Café Mocha cupcake is chocolate cupcake with mocha buttercream. The Strawberry Delight was a vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream.
So sadly, Howard and I did not like the cupcakes very much. Granted, they were light and not too sweet, but the cakes had a very odd texture. It was chewy cake and felt almost elasticity, but worse of all, I didn't taste much chocolate in the chocolate cupcake, nor vanilla in the vanilla cupcakes. The buttercream was a hit-or-miss. The strawberry was a miss, I wouldn't have known it was a strawberry flavour, it was too light! But I did enjoyed the mocha and lemon buttercream.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat the Pina Colada cupcake. My mom ate it! So I asked her how it was. She too said it wasn't very good. She only took it because she saw the coconut shreds on it and thought it was a coconut cupcake. What a surprise it must have been to her when it turned out to be Pina Colada!

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