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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Cry for Pie


Buttery, delicious pie crust.

That's what Howard likes baked. Not my cute and sweet cupcakes. He needs something savoury to chew on. So, from time to time I attempt to make pie. But Howard doesn't like it. The reason? I don't make real pie crust. My pie crust is sweet and crunchy (the way I like it) and not buttery and flaky (the way most people make it).

Every time we order a slice of pie, Howard asks, "can't you make real pie instead?" or "do you know how to make real pie crust?"

I answer with, "we technically do know how to make pie crust. I have numerous cookbooks that teach us." It's just a matter of picking a recipe and following the steps, right?

It is time we tried.

This is also good timing as the folks over at CSN Stores offered to let us do some product reviews! They're an online store carrying lighting, bookcases, cookware, and more. I've been browsing their cookware section, but more specifically, the pie pans!

Now, if we get ourselves some real pie pans, I think that Howard should show us how to make real pie! All in favour? Leave a comment below if you would like to see Howard bake pie! ;)