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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Short & Sweet Cupcakes

1945 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5M 4A2
Tel: (416) 519-6633

After hearing about Short & Sweet Cupcakes, I told Howard that I wanted to check it out. The shop is right on Avenue Road, visible by the hot pink signs and chairs.

Inside, the shop is nice and bright, we can see the full cupcake trays and friendly staff working on grabbing cupcakes for the steady stream of families that came in.

The window display - looks like it's a back-to-school theme!

All the cupcakes are behind a glass pane, seated on trays or cake stands, and they're clearly labeled!

There's the gigantic menu hanging on the wall. Luckily for us, all the flavours are available on Saturday.

We picked the Lemon Drop Cupcake, a lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream. The cupcake is dense, but the texture was fine - it just depends if you prefer light airy cakes over the pound cake versions. The frosting is piled on a garnished with a lemon candy. The cupcake didn't reach a strong citrus or tart flavours that I love in lemon and raspberry, but was still enjoyable.

Our second choice was their seasonal cupcake for August - the Banana Split. This was a banana cupcake with a chocolate ganache filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. The chocolate ganache was delicious, but that frosting to cake ratio was too high for us. You can see the two levels of buttercream swirls piled on top of the cupcake. It just made the cupcake really, really sweet for us, and over powered the banana flavour.

It's not in our neighbourhood, but while we were there for the short period of time, lots of families came in to buy cupcakes. There was one funny conversation that we overheard between a mother and daughter:

"Mom, can we buy the bottle of sprinkles so that I can eat them all?"
"Err... maybe next time."
"Oh I can't wait! I'm going to eat all the sprinkles."

You might have noticed that there were two mini cupcakes in our first photo. The owners were kind enough to offer samples to the children and seeing us with our cupcakes, gave each of us one too. That mini chocolate cupcake was yummy, we simply can't resist fudge-like buttercream!


  1. Yes shops liek thsi are coming out like mushrooms.People obviously adore ncie and tasty things;)

  2. I always prefer the smaller cupcakes to eat. You can have more of them with more variety and the icing is as overwhelming. They all look delicious and the menu is impressively extensive!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. Dzoli, I like that mushroom phrase, it made me laugh!

    Murissa Maurice, me too! Minis are the best way to taste test. =)