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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Four Happy Years

Dear Reader,

Today is our blogiversary, it's been four happy years!

It doesn't matter if you've been reading our blog since the beginning or if you just started today. We still want to thank you for joining our journey. Whether you only read the blog, or interact with us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest, we hope that we're finding and sharing things that you enjoy, too.

We hope to never stop posting, it's for our benefit too as we're getting older and more forgetful, it's nice to look back at our creations and remember the work and story behind it.

It's been four fabulous years as we've learned how to: make more desserts other than cupcakes, make dishes other than desserts, and take better photos. We were fortunate enough to test new products, attend events, and experience travel. We read some great food magazines and books along the way. And watched documentaries that changed our outlook on cooking.

We think you can tell that we made another mille crêpes cake for the celebrations tonight. Following the same recipe here, we adjusted it by adding two tablespoons of matcha (green tea) powder to the crêpe batter. We stirred the matcha powder into the milk after it was steamed.

There's a hint of matcha flavour in it, but it's not very strong. Maybe we'll need to do a matcha pastry cream next time. We stuck to the vanilla flavoured one because it is so darn delicious.

Guess who got to use the kitchen torch again? Sigh.

Mmm, crepe cake for breakfast.

To another four years of nomming!

Your friends,
Sylvia and Howard