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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maila's Dinosaur Cake and Cupcake Tower

We received an amazing e-mail this week from Maila, all the way from California. A sunny state we would love to visit one day. But back to the story, these kinds of e-mails make us so happy! We're grinning like the T-Rexes on the cupcakes above.

Maila wrote to tell us that she made a 6-inch cake and a 4-tiered cupcake tower for a friend's son who was turning three years old this year. The request was made on short notice, but instead of having a meltdown (hey, look, a volcano...), she spent a sleepless night working hard.

In those 24 hours, she must have looked up cake and buttercream recipes and found our fondant dinosaur tutorials.

She also wrote to tell us that this was her first time making a birthday cake and working with fondant. She had never worked with fondant before.

Yes, we were impressed. Your jaws probably just dropped too.

If it were our first baking project, we probably would not have pulled off such an amazing display of cupcakes.

Maila wrote to tell us that the T-Rexes on the grassy field also have a haven of water, it's blocked by the large "3" candle, but you can see the start of water there.

You know what we love? Party hats. These dinosaurs know how to rock the age. Lucky Cody.

Once again, thank you Maila for writing to us and sharing your photos. Then, for giving us permission to share your photos on our blog and facebook page. We are not surprised to hear that the party was a hit. Thank you for making so many people happy!

Photo credits: Maila