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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Burger Buns

Hello readers! We hope you're having a wonderful long weekend. Here in Toronto, we are finally getting some lovely sunshine and the temperature is slowly increasing. We can't wait to stow away our bulky winter coats!

A lot of our friends went away this weekend to visit New York City and Chicago, but for those of us still at home, we decided on an impromptu dinner. We had arugula, spinach, red and yellow peppers, sausages, and burger patties. Let's have our first BBQ of the year!

Except . . . we didn't have buns for the burgers. The grocery stores were closed for Good Friday. What do we do? We search the world wide web of course and the answer was there!

We came across a recipe for beautiful burger buns and had all the ingredients on hand. This review had gotten a five star rating from so many people, we were pretty sure it would be fail proof.

Of course, it was only when we reached the flattening stage that we realized there was a step-by-step photo blog about the recipe too. We would highly encourage you to read that before starting!

Since it was an impromptu dinner, we had to cut some of the dough's rising time. The first time we let it poof was shortened to an hour and the second time was shortened to 45 minutes. We did want to eat before 7 pm.

Oh and we would recommend doing the egg white wash instead of the butter. Just follow the blog post.

See, not much colour with the butter wash. The burger buns turned out to have more of a biscuit quality to it. We will point out again that we didn't have enough time for the dough to rise and didn't use egg white.

Regardless, it would have been difficult to eat the burgers without the buns. So in the end, it did save dinner!

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