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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Happy first day of spring! We're one more season closer to summer and when the days are still hitting negative temperatures, I think back to happier and warmer weathers. Last fall, Howard and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and it was glorious. After a year of planning, our wedding came and went. It felt so good for all the stress and worry to wash away as we boarded that plane for our destination. We were hoping for a surprise seat upgrade (just like the movies), but with the automatic check-in's nowadays, you lose that face-to-face interaction at the airport.

After lots of months deliberating, we finally decided to book Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall. This all-inclusive adult-only resort had the highest rating on TripAdvisor as well as their Travelers' Choice award. We had a fantastic time at Iberostar in Varadero a few years back and it has simply become a chain that we can trust and rely on.
We knew we were in a special treat when the staff at the airport in Montego Bay were telling us that this was the crème de la crème. Once we stepped off the shuttle bus, our luggage was promptly taken and we were given towels to refresh with (because you don't just get use to the heat that quickly). Check-in at the hotel lobby was quick and courteous - made even better when they told us they upgrade us newlyweds to an ocean view suite (it really is like the movies). One thing I did notice was that it always smelled nice and floral on our resort. I think there's some aromatherapy or scents being pumped out somewhere.

Our suite was gigantic. The washroom included a bathtub and rain forest shower with two sinks on either side. There were two closets with bathrobes and a mini bar that was part of the all-inclusive package. My favourite item were the snack-size Pringles! There was a king-size bed and a separate seating area. Then a large balcony with seating and a patio swing. They also have butlers assigned to each room, but we found that we didn't need their services as we booked our restaurant reservations through concierge.
The beach front was large enough that you don't feel crowded among the other guests. Some of the water sports are included and lessons for scuba diving (which we did in the safely of the pool - it was fun! I'd love to try it again). The beach's sand was soft and they are very careful with keeping the place clean. The grounds were always wiped down as it can get sandy and by the beach. Puddles swept to the drains. I've never been to a resort that was so well kept before. Towels are always available and they keep an eye on the lounge chairs and cabanas to turn them over when guests leave.
There's lots to do from the daily entertainment schedule if you don't feel like floating in the pool or napping on a chair. The star friends are friendly and are able to quickly persuade you to join them in games and events. We did yoga under the wooden awnings, ping-pong in the shade, soccer and volleyball on the beach, fitness in the pool, and dancing lessons on the stage. In the evenings, there are shows in the theater and dancing at the club. In face, that's where Howard and I had our first dance as husband and wife! In a room with a smoke machine, a DJ, and a bunch of resort guests. Can't say what song our first dance was to, but it was loud and extremely fun.
There are two buffets here, one inside and one by the beach, each with their own schedule. Bars are always open of course (I could use a piña colada right now). But it was the à la carte restaurants that shined. Also, beach events where everyone had delicious food on the beach - I will forever crave that jerk steak I had.
Most people keep this week for themselves, but we invited our wedding guests to join us. Four members of our wedding party joined us mid-week and we had an even better time! We did more exploring, went on the lazy river at the resort next door, and the guys tried some cigars. One night, we went to see the Luminous Lagoon and it's one of the best memories in my life. Everyone on the boat was stunned to see the areas where we made waves across the water light up. Those brave enough jumped into the dark waters and their surroundings started to glow. Seeing the bio-luminescent waters is definitely something you'd want to check off your bucket list!
We also lucked out on some great weather. There weren't furious downpours or even lots of mosquitoes. There was a good mix of sun and cloud - and you start to become grateful for clouds as they provide nice relief from the scorching sun.

Our resort also granted us access to the two Iberostar hotels next door where it's not adults-only and there are more pools, beach area, restaurants, and other activities for you to join.
And those sunsets. Sigh!
We did some more travelling this month, so I'll be sharing our journey to Asia where we met relatives and ate lots and lots of food!

I've filled my airplane quota this year, but I am looking forward to another Caribbean holiday next year. Hmm, where should we go?

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