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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Construction Birthday Cupcakes

Someone is having a birthday and he works in construction! So, for the birthday party, we were asked to make red velvet cupcakes with a construction theme! We hope you enjoyed the fondant toppers - we like to make everything edible! As always, there are more photos posted on our facebook page and flickr account!

1. Blue vanilla buttercream frosting on red velvet cupcake.

2. From head to toe: hard hat and steel toe boot for construction!

3. Need to have the blueprints for instructions.

4. Set up the construction zone with signs and pylons!

5. Have to have the wrench, screwdriver, hammer, saw, and drill handy!

6. Oh no! Spilled paint!

7. All set for delivery. Have a happy birthday Rowan!


  1. I'm not a cupcake fan but these are definitely cute.

  2. These were such a hit! Everyone thought they were very cute and delicious!

  3. I thought the Alex Sleepover cupcakes were fantastic, but these are just as cool!
    Signed, Alex's Mother

  4. Love them!

    My husband is a tool collector and would live out in the garage and cuddle with his tools if I let him. He'd love these.

  5. Monica H - Thank you! Hahahaha, I hope he prefers cuddling with you instead!

  6. These are awesome. Where did you buy the edible decorations? They'd be perfect for my husband's upcoming bday! PS - love your site. stumbled across it by accident. will def. be adding you to my reader list. : )

  7. Hi Nathalie,
    Thank you! I actually made the edible decorations from fondant. You can always check Michael's or other cake supply shops to see if there are any construction toppers? Glad to see you baking on your blog too! =D

  8. Thanks for the follow up Sylvia. I guess I'll be tackling fondant for the first time ever this April. I'll let you know how it goes! : )

    PS - love the invader zim cupcakes!