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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sleepover Birthday Cupcakes

A very cool mom asked us to make cupcakes for her son's sleepover party to celebrate his belated birthday. So, we made chocolate cupcakes with two-toned blue vanilla buttercream. As for the decorations? A few of his favourite things! As always, become a fan on our facebook page and see our flickr account for more photos! Our previous cupcake projects can be found on the right side-bar, archived monthly (or scroll down to go to the next page).

We tried a two-toned blue for the frosting since Alex loves colours.
(By the way, this photo was featured on foodgawker!)

He enjoys skiing.

He likes cats.

They have an orange cat!

He loves peace signs.

He likes watermelons!

He likes reading Alex Rider books.

He also enjoys the Chet Gecko series of books.

He likes his Playstation.

He loves Guitar Hero too!

Alex likes basketball.

Alex is 12 years old!

These are a few of his favourite things!


  1. These are so awesome! I love how each one is decarated with one of his hobbies/likes. Cute idea!