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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mini Cupcakes with Mini Eggs

Do you have a favourite seasonal candy? I have to say that I get a teeny tiny bit happy when I see Cadbury Mini Eggs back on the shelves!! I love the candy coated chocolates, in delicious egg-shaped bite sizes, and pretty speckled pastel colours! It is a good thing they're not made all year around!

It felt very Spring-like this weekend with all the drizzling rain. I attended a book launch on Saturday for Bradley McGogg, The Very Fine Frog. There was Cadbury mini eggs at this book launch too! Bradley McGogg is a picture book is about a finicky eater... but I wonder if Bradley would approve of cupcakes? For fun, I made some mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and a Cadbury mini egg nested in the middle!

Yellow, pink, and green!

Yummy mini cupcakes with mini eggs!

This is how I carry them to work!


  1. those look SO good, i loveeee mini eggs!

  2. Mini eggs are my favorite candy; seasonal or otherwise. These look delicious!

  3. Can you ever go wrong with mini eggs??? I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. mmm tasty love them. tryed making them they were ok but they still looked yummy like these ones!!

  5. mmmmmmmm lovely they make my mouth water

  6. I have a thing for mini eggs too. Where do you buy your cupcake liners, they look so cute!

  7. apparentlyjessy - Thank you!

    CookingCourtney - I'm so glad you love mini eggs too!!!

    amandalaird - Thanks! They should make then all year 'round!

    finsmom - That's right, you can't go wrong with mini eggs!

    Anonymous - Glad you tried them!

    Lucy Johnston - Same here...

    Anonymous - At the Wholesale Club! http://www.wholesaleclub.ca/