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Saturday, March 28, 2009


So what did Howard make for me last week? Roxy!
Last week, Howard and I were downtown for brunch at the Gladstone Hotel. After, we walked around Eaton Centre and some surrounding stores. At Urban Outfitters, we saw cupcake bandages, cupcake lip gloss, and do-it-yourself toys! I totally resisted the cupcake merchandises and we got the toy.
So we bought one in the colour white and back at home, Howard designed and painted mine. He named her Roxy and she is a cute little cupcake baker! We even have matching oven mitts, he painted them the exact blue.
I think that she's adorable. Have you checked out her cute little bum? And the little belly - from all the baked goods!
I think she will bring me much delight in the kitchen! =)

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