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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old Firehall Confectionery

Do you remember this tweet?

Square cupcakes? Must go see!

You know what? Despite the fact that my parents couldn't remember the name of the place or gave me no clues whatsoever, the place was easy to find.

Laura, Howard, and I just followed the aroma:

Old Firehall Confectionery
170 Main Street
Unionville, ON L3R 2G9
(905) 415-9192

I hopped, skipped, and jumped to the square cupcakes!

Then I stood up and looked further down... gasp!

Cupcakes to the right, truffles at the bend. The truffles! We ended up getting 5: green tea, Bailey's, white chocolate mango passion, raspberry, and lemon raspberry.

Fudge, biscotti, rolled waffles, and pretzels - all dipped in chocolate!

Cookies on a stick! I want one!

That was just one side of the Old Firehall Confectionery. The other side had frozen treats! Ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, Dippin' Dots with cones or waffles!

Ok back to this square cupcake business:

They are called "Square Top Cupcake" even though the bottom were in a square shape too. They had two sizes, large ($3.99) and small ($2.89), and are on the expensive side. I am going to guess that the large ones have the ganache filling, since the two small ones I got did not have any filling.

I ended up trying the "Creamy Maple" and "Smackingly Strawberry:"

The strawberry buttercream smelled so good, but when we ate it, it tasted like butter! Howard said there was too much butter. Laura said it had a bitter after taste. Mom said it wasn't sweet at all. I have to agree with all of the above. There was no strawberry flavour, just the aroma. The buttercream tasted to be tinted pink butter to all of us. However, the vanilla cake was really good. Everyone agreed that the cake had a good texture and flavour too it.

After the disappointment with the buttercream, we had the Maple one left to try. Again, this smelled so good, I personally thought that the buttercream had a hint of maple flavour. No one else agreed and said it was too much butter. The vanilla cake was still the best part.

Despite that we didn't like the cupcakes, we would still go back to the Old Firehall Confectionery to try the other treats. The place is just fun to be in, there is so much eye candy and the service is good. The five truffles we had were delicious and I really want a to try the fudge and cookies on a stick next!


  1. What a fantastic spot. A cupcake paradise. I'm a newcomer to your blog but love what I've found here. I'll be back as often as I can. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. I think I would have had to try one of everything - purely for research purposes you understand!!! Looks like my kind of place and I love the idea of square cupcakes too.

  3. Hi Mary, it is a fantastic spot and a dessert lover's weakness! Good thing I don't go there often, because I would have to get something everytime I visit!

    Hi Chele, yes, research is very important! ;)

  4. I was just there last night and the BF and I split a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream. I completely agree, the buttercream was tasteless and artificial. Too much butter and too much heat. They should be in refridgerated glass or something.

    The cake part was really subpar for $2.89 for a small. It was mealy and not good. It tasted of artificial vanilla. You'd think that for a place like that, they could at least use the real stuff.

    Glad to have found another local blogger...can't wait to read more stuff.

  5. Oh my goodness, it must smell sweet in there!

  6. Dominique - Nice to "meet" you and I'm glad to see you're a local blogger too! It is nice to see that we weren't the only ones who thought the square cupcakes were a bit off. The buttercream was really odd, but we found the cake portions okay. Ours didn't have a mealy consistency.

    Karin Adamczyk - It does! The shop has a wonderful aroma. =)

  7. Oh my! Thank god I'm not near enough to go here, my diet would go down the drain!

  8. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - I'm glad I don't live close by either! The sweet smell would lure me in everyday. =)

  9. Was in NYC over the weekend and tried all the "famous" cupcakes (Magnolia Bakery, Crumbs, Cupcake Cafe etc,). They were horrible. The cupcakes were dry and had no taste. Nothing beats the Square Top Cupcakes at the Firehall. All the cupcakes have the best texture, moisture and taste. Must go to the Firehall and try the cupcakes for yourselves. The Apple Cobbler warmed up with Vanilla Ice Cream is also AMAZING !!!!!!

  10. Theodora - Oh we'll be visiting the Firehall again, apple cobbler sounds good! =)