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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Dozen Cupcake Sketches from TCAF 2010

TCAF!!! Did anyone else go?

This year at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I went around with my friend Jen (she also did the NYC Cupcake Tour with me last year) to collect a dozen cupcake sketches! This is how it went down: we politely asked for a cupcake sketch (anything as long as there is a cupcake in it), I would snap a quick photo of them sketching (which is why no one is looking up), and then we would ask what their favourite cupcake is.

Here are the 12 in the order they were collected:

Ray Fawkes
What is your favourite cupcake?
Vanilla or angel cake.

Michael Cho
What is your favourite cupcake?

Eric Kim
What is your favourite cupcake?
Every kind!

Brian Hoang
What is your favourite cupcake?
Chocolate cupcake with a custard filling topped with mint frosting.

PS: Brian did 2 drawings, but I won't be posting that 2nd one here! ;)

Evan Munday
What is your favourite cupcake?
Chocolate cupcakes with lemon frosting.

Jason Loo
(I'm so sorry I didn't get a photo of you sketching!
If you send one in, I'll post it here!)
What is your favourite cupcake?

PS: Brian Hoang, Evan Munday, and Jason Loo are a part of Sketchkrieg!

Jason Bone
What is your favourite cupcake?
Any with pink frosting on it - which is usually strawberry or cherry.

Chip Zdarsky
What is your favourite cupcake?
Every kind, but probably chocolate.

Hilary Leung
What is your favourite cupcake?
Belgium chocolate cherry!

Tory Woollcott
What is your favourite cupcake?
The Elvis Presley (banana cake with peanut butter frosting dollop) from Hearts n Flours!

PS: Tory drew me in there!!! =)

Ramón K. Pérez
What is your favourite cupcake?

PS: Michael Cho, Eric Kim, and Ramón K. Pérez are a part of TRANSMISSION X.

J. Torres
(He's the one sitting down and quite possibly rolling his eyes at me in the photo below.)
What is your favourite cupcake?
Red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

PS: This is a rare sketch from writer J. Torres!

I got a sketch from one other artist too, but it didn't turn out to be a cupcake? So I won't post it here. There were some other illustrators I wanted to see and ask, but I didn't have enough time. =(

For those that did sketch for me, thank you! I know that some of you do not sketch at TCAF, but you did it for me anyways. So many thanks and I hope to see you next year (or sooner)! =)

This just in! I should add a disclaimer: I work with J. Torres, Jason Bone, and Ramón K. Pérez. Jen is friends and/or has worked with Ray Fawkes, Michael Cho, Eric Kim, Brian Hoang, and Jason Loo. We both know Evan Munday and Tory Woollcott since our paths cross in publishing.


  1. Great post! What a fun idea - love all the sketches!

  2. Loved this post and Mr. Grumpcake made me laugh!

  3. Thanks Joyce! I'm glad that Mr. Grumpcake made you laugh. =D

  4. Those sketches are totally awesome! My BF and I were at TCAF on the Friday to see Daniel Clowes speak. BF got Daniel Clowes to sign a couple of his books too. It was an awesome talk of his work. Did you happen to be there too?

  5. Dominique - I wish I was at Daniel Clowes' presentation, I was there... but setting up our table. Let me know what you think of his book! =)