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Monday, September 6, 2010

Deep-Fried Butter and Mars Bar

Are you shuddering from the post title? I know that I would be.

This long weekend, Howard and I went to the Canadian National Exhibition with our friends. We had all heard about the deep-fried butter treat from various outlets (Click here, here, and here for more back story). Yet, I didn't think we would have tried it.

After looking at the concession stand dubiously and seeing the long line-up. We were intrigued enough to join the line at Sweet Treats. There in line, we discussed and guessed how the deep-fried butter would taste. We also decided that we would try the deep-fried Mars bars.

As you can see from their sign, Sweet Treats also sells bacon covered in chocolate and Twinkie logs. We weren't too intrigued by those, since we had already heard of bacon cupcakes. The Twinkies also didn't look that crazy.

But, we don't deep-fry things at home (thank goodness), but we were gamed to try.

Well, here they are! Deep-fried butter balls. Thank you Diana for being our hand model (an excellent tilt for my camera to get as much lighting as possible).

I tried the one with chocolate sauce. I first took a bite of the batter - not bad. Then I popped the whole thing in my mouth and bit down. Ugh! The butter just popped in my mouth and oozed around. Not my favourite experience there. Diana and I didn't like it that much. Howard and Kurt found it tolerable and said it wasn't bad. Wasn't bad!

You would think I would hold off eating the deep-fried Mars bar then. Nope. We split it into quarters and each had our bite. This was much better! The fried batter with chocolate and caramel went really well together. There was the "crunch" and the warm gooey bar. We all agreed that this would be a treat we would have again.


  1. WOW! that is all i can say to deep fried stuff!

  2. Aww you shoulda shown the inside of the butter ball things at least :P

  3. I live in Scotland - where the deep fried mars bar was created. Your post title is just an ordinary day for me lol

  4. We just had our state fair where all of this stuff is quite popular, I don't like them (but have only tried the deep fried snickers bar)...however, I did try a deep fried pickle on a stick this year and fell madly in love.

  5. Didn't go to CNE this year to try the deep fried butter balls. Hopefully next year they will have something new and exciting as well =)

  6. Wow! That's pretty interesting. I haven't heard of the deep fried butter balls at all. If the butter ball was small enough and it melted completely inside, then maybe...but ugh! i agree, would be kinda gross. I have tried a deep fried Oreo and it was actually really good!

  7. I've heard about the fried butter a lot, but luckily, haven't ever tried it yet.

  8. Brandy L, hahaha agreed!

    sabriena, opps I should have! But it was getting a bit messy and tricky to eat (toothpicks aren't strong enough to hold food!!) and use my camera.

    Chele, do lots of stores sell find deep-fried Mars bars in Scotland then?? Ooo that would be dangerous for me.

    Sandi Oh, deep-fried pickles!

    The Food Junkie, it probably won't be going away soon. I wonder what they'll come up with next year!

    Bonnie from Pennsylvania, USA, yes eating melted butter was gross. Deep-fried Oreos!!

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes], I wouldn't recommend it! ;)

  9. Great post! I, too, tried the Deep Fried Butter + Deep Fried Marsbar at the CNE this year. Mehhhhh. I think the whole thang was just a ploy to get The Ex's attendance numbers up. Neither the butter nor the Marsbar was anything special for me. Greasssssy.

    CNE Deep Fried Butter + Deep Fried Marsbar

  10. Shelley, great post! Thank you for sharing! =)