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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Times Square

After dinner at the Brooklyn Diner, we went to a few stores at Times Square. Mostly the novelty ones, because where else do you get the chance to see a ferris wheel inside Toys "R" Us?

Something is brewing as there is a construction sign inside the store. The only clue that I have is that the sign said Wonka. Yes. Meaning the Willy Wonka of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Well, to compensate, they did have Candy Land:

Err, I don't like the way that King is eyeing us.

With lots of New York Sweets:

As if Candy Land wasn't enough, we went to M&M's World after Toys "R" Us:

I have to say, Green looks really nice as the Statue of Liberty.

And what do you think of the M&M's wall over here?

Look at all those colours! Aqua! Gold! Teal! Silver! Black!

One more sweet stop, Hershey's! Did you know that they once had a Project Runway challenge there?


  1. Wow! That is a total feast for the eyes! I would love to check out those stores! How can you even decide what to buy?! It would be overwhelming....and very very fun!

  2. Bonnie, I just couldn't decide what to buy, so I didn't! Just enjoyed browsing the stores and taking photos. =)

  3. This is such a helpful post. I'm heading to NY in a month and am having a hard time working out all the things I want to see. MMs world is definitely going on the list! Amazing Photos :)

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  5. It's a kids wonderland. I love going there even at my age.