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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baked with Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito

During the last week of October, I found out that Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito (from Baked) were coming to Toronto for their book tour! Whoopie! I was pretty ecstatic because it was a close enough location (Yorkdale Shopping Centre) for us to get to, but I was a little sad that it started at 5:00pm on Thursday. At that time... I would be just leaving from work... downtown!

Now, because I have the best partner in the world, Howard agreed to go at 5:00pm and fill me in on what I missed as I took the subway to get to Williams-Sonoma as soon as possible. He snapped photos for me, took notes during their demonstration, and lined-up to have my two cookbooks signed. Sigh, he's a keeper! Here, he'll fill you in on the event:

Howard: I got there a little before 5pm and they were in the middle of being interviewed. Not too long after I showed up, a small crowd began to gather with their new book (Baked Explorations) in hand. At about a quarter after five Matt and Renato started their demonstration on how to make their famous sweet and salty brownies - the old school way - the same way they still do in their bakeries.

As they started baking, they chatted briefly about how they became known nationwide via Oprah's "O List" in an issue of the O Magazine. Hearing their funny take on how it all began for them was a lot more interesting than just knowing they were featured in the O Magazine.

Fun fact: Matt doesn't like brownie corners while Renato likes them.

During the Q&A, someone asked about their experience on Throwdown with Bobby Flay where they battled for the best peanut butter banana cream pie. Consensus say they were robbed and Bobby Flay look out, they want a rematch.

It was clear to see that both Matt and Renato love what they do. Their friendly and humorous nature made them easy to like and I must say it helped make this event into one of the better promotional experiences I've attended. I had a good time. It was nice meeting you guys.

Good news: Williams-Sonoma will soon be carrying their brownie mix.

Oh and here are the samples of their famous sweet and salty brownies (above). I wanted to take more than one, but I decided I should behave. Sylvia arrived around 6pm and didn't miss out on meeting them (or the samples). Back over to Sylvia...

Sylvia: I gave Howard a call once I was off the subway and he told me to run. Hmph! They weren't even leaving yet! They were signing extra books for the store and chatting with a few people there. I spotted someone wearing their Baked hoodie too (dedicated fan!).

Well, I went up to finally meet them and they are two seriously nice and funny guys. Of course we're gushing about them and they're asking us about our blog and what camera we were using (showed them our trusty point-and-shoot - disbelief ensued). We talked about visiting Baked during our trip to New York in the summer and really, we can't wait to visit them again some day.

Other people came up to have their books signed, so we backed off and I found brownie samples left! Yum!

I usually never do this, but I became a dork and had my photo taken with them (thanks for being an awesome cameraman Howard). So many thanks again to Matt and Renato for visiting Toronto for their book tour and we hope to see you again!

My signed copies of Baked: New Frontiers in Baking and Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented. Thanks guys! =)


  1. I saw that episode of Throwdown and it did seem like the Baked boys were robbed. I didn't know that they had come out with a book - thanks for the info!

  2. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] and Scarletta - They were awesome to meet! I hear they're opening up a third shop in Dubai!