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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gumbo Shop

630 Saint Peter Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 525-1486

For our first day in New Orleans, we didn't have any plans aside from setting up our booth at ALA. We were all pretty hungry as our flights had taken up the whole morning and we didn't have lunch. We had checked into Hotel Monteleone and started walking through the French Quarters in search of creole food. That's when we found the Gumbo Shop.

I was lured in by the beautiful garden courtyard, but since it was very warm and humid, we decided to sit inside. The dining room is in a 1795 building with high ceilings and murals along the wall. Some of the scenes are from Mardi Gras and the French Market.

We also noticed that the condiments on each table included Tabasco Sauce, creole seasoning, and perfect pepper blend. While not every restaurant has their own seasonings, we soon learned that most restaurants include Tabasco sauce. If you would like ketchup, you'll have to ask!

To start, we asked the server to recommend an appetizer. He told us that the blackened fish nuggets were his favourite, so we tried it! It instantly became our favourite dish from the entire meal. The seasoning and flavours were bold and delicious.

I had ordered the "complete creole dinner" so I chose the chicken andouille gumbo to start. This was also very good. I believe Howard's exact words were "I could have this gumbo every day."

Howard's entree was the crawfish etouffee. This was crawfish tails simmered in a spicy sauce of onion, bell peppers, celery, garlic, and cayenne pepper - served with rice.

My entree was the creole combination platter which included shrimp creole (top), jambalaya (middle), with red beans and rice (bottom).

For dessert, I had the incredibly rich chocolate brownie pie. The chocolate sauce was warm and gooey and the vanilla ice cream really hit the spot.

Look at that brownie!

Howard didn't pick a dessert (he was quite full already), but my colleague picked the praline sundae. I just had to take a photo of the roasted pralines and caramel sauce - yum!

The service and hospitality here was full of spirit and the casual atmosphere made this dining experience a great start to our trip!


  1. I love Creole kitchen.I love the people, the atmosphere the smell of the spices and I love the taste/Lucky you:)

  2. Dzoli, it was amazing! I miss it already! =)

  3. Holy cow. That is a lot of food, and it all looks amazing.

  4. OMG, the pics are amazing. Now i'm hungry for some Creolean food. But here I am stuck in Australia. Sigh! :(

  5. Shristi, I really miss New Orleans!! I'm craving for some creole food too! =)