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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spin Dessert Cafe

Howard and I, along with our friends Mike and Megan, went to our first soccer game on the weekend. It was one of those rare beautiful days in Toronto. Watching the game at the BMO field was amazing, thank you warm sunny weather! Eating brisket sandwiches and giant hot dogs in the stands was fun. I think we even saw a tailgate party in the parking lot - these fans have lots of energy.

Unfortunately, Toronto didn't do so well. Seattle managed to score two minutes before the game ended. Aww well. To end the day on a high note, we checked out a dessert place. Right? Come on, you can't expect us to riot over a game. =P

1060 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M8Z 1P7
(416) 255-7746

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The interior at Spin was all pink and brown and the hostess was quite nice. We asked for one of the empty booths, but got seated in the middle. While it was less intimate (you're in the center of attention), it was nice and spacious. Learning that it was our first time at Spin, she took us through the menu by reading aloud all the different sections. They offer crepes and waffles, sundaes, cakes, beverages, savoury crepes, and breakfast. The last page of the menu said that alcohol would be coming soon. We also learned that they make all their ice creams in-house and that they have cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory.

Most of the dessert names in the menu are named after popular songs and we noticed that the waitresses also had song titles on the back of their T-shirts (also pink and brown).

Howard told Megan to sing her order - challenge accepted and Megan ordered "I Like it Like That" beautifully. Her crepe was a chocolate peanut butter ice-cream topped with Reese's Minis and bananas, with hot fudge sauce on the side.

Spin also has monthly specials, so Mike ordered from the June features, the "Lean on Me" crepes. This was a smore's ice cream topped with graham cracker and marshmallow's, with hot fudge on the side.

Howard and I shared "Irreplaceable," which was crepe with vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce on the side. He also got a "Lean on Me" drink from the monthly features, strawberry lemonade (which was delicious).

We soon figured out that the song names didn't really correlate with the desserts, and what surprised me the most was they didn't play any music! With such a musical menu, it would appear to make sense to have all those songs on loop. =)

Overall, it was a nice dessert place to hang out at. The fruits were noticeably fresh and there's lots to choose from, especially if you don't have a sweet tooth. The savoury section looked good too.


  1. I love crepes.My favourite is Crepe Suzete:).Pitty there was no music, how can people oversee that, one wonders.Fruits with crepes yes.But you know the best crepes I ate somewhere in B&B .They made them thin as, with wheat flower and served with slices of lemon and maple syrup.Njam

  2. Hi Dzoli, Megan suggested that a jukebox would be a nice musical touch too. Interesting crepe flavours, I guess the maple syrup balanced out the slices of lemon?