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Thursday, September 29, 2011

New York City, 2011

I noticed a pattern. In the past couple of years, Howard and I would go on vacation around August or September. Then around the end of September or the beginning of October, I would fall terribly ill.

Knowing this, I attempted to start working out and being healthy. I needed to build my immune system for whatever germs October threw at me. I started jogging. I joined a gym (but have yet to go - I was hoping to this week). I went to New York City and bought athletic wear. Seriously! Work-out clothes in New York. Didn't pick up the latest fashion, but I got some pretty comfortable dry-fit outfits.

So you must know how disappointed I am now. It started yesterday, an uncomfortable feeling in my throat. Today, coughs and a runny nose. No!! How can this happen? Well, my guesses are:
  1. During my commute, the bus and subway offers no fresh air.
  2. Also during my commute, I am crammed with other people coughing and blowing their nose.
  3. My workplace is still blasting the air conditioning.
  4. Germs get stronger each year.
These are all valid points which I presented to my family when they sighed and said, "you're sick, again?" Well, let them shake their head and roll their eyes. I can only get better from this point on.

I wanted to share some of our trip photos before blogging about all the wonderful food and desserts we had. I would have done this earlier, but getting back to regular life took over, and now, as you know. I'm sick.


  1. Great trip..I hate buses /trains too but then most of all I hate when my daughter goes all healthy to kindy and although in hollidays she was healthy as comes home sick(after couple of days).I hate when people cough and do not cove rtehir mouth
    But i would love to travel t to NY:)

  2. Hi Dzoli, Your daughter sounds like me, going away healthy and coming back sick. =)