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Monday, March 26, 2012

Marigot, Saint-Martin

Marigot is the capital on the French side of Saint Martin. Upon arriving at Philipburg, we left our cruise ship and took a boat to visit Marigot. Our tour guide/DJ/singer on the boat was Shine. He had a song for every occasion. According to the other passengers, his singing sounded better after a few of the complimentary rum.
Here are some of the sights we saw in the hour stay on the French side of the island:
The tour boat was docked at the Marina Royale. There are so many beautiful patio restaurants here. Some  smelled really good, but most were not open yet since it was still early.
Yes, French is the primary language on this half of the island, although, most people speak English.
As if the buildings weren't colourful enough, there was a whirl of colours in the flea market.
Hmm, didn't notice any vehicles carrying food when we were there.
One stall had over two dozen bags of spices.
Another vendor had homemade rhum.
We couldn't leave without picking up two chocolate croissants!
We'll miss you lil Paris!


  1. I have to admit, that is some pretty creative bottling on the homemade rhum. It might be a good idea for global companies to adopt such colorful designs.

  2. I'm with you there cabernet. Drinking booze would be that much more fun if the bottling was that creative.

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  4. The rhum drinks are amazing. Does anyone know the name or any info on the vendor???

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