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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

When the cruise ship docked at Saint Thomas, we were ready to see the island with the shore excursion tour we purchased. Little did we know it would be such a ride! We boarded an open bus (picture a giant golf cart) and sped up the steep mountains. On the other side of the road. I was holding on tight to prevent being flung from the bus!
A look at Charlotte Amalie from above. Lots of cruise ships park here, so the town is full of tourists.
This is a view of Magens Bay, apparently National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveler have both rated it as one of the top ten beaches in the world. I wished the tour stopped down there instead.
I liked how the palm leaves were framing this.
The other Virgin Islands in view.
The tour took us to a gigantic souvenir shop that also claimed to have invented the first banana daiquiri.
We had to try it, of course! Banana, rum, and ice blended until smooth. Another dash of rum on top and garnished with a lemon wedge and cherry. It is so strong!!
When the tour ended, we went to search for a place to have lunch. There are lots of mini malls off the main street of the town, but we managed to find the right alley.
For lunch at Glady's Cafe was high recommended in a travel guide we looked at before the trip.
They're famous for their hot sauce.
Howard bought home three for his parents.
Each table and the bar were stocked with the hot sauce. Howard tried it and warned me not to attempt it. It was way beyond my spicy-handling level.
Jerk chicken. I ate all of the plantains on the side, which is why there's an empty space on the plate (bottom right). I was so hungry and they were so good, almost forgot about the camera!
Curry chicken roti with salad.
Service was friendly and brisk.
Look up and you'll see the mountains. Look the other way in the same street and you'll see the beach. What a happy medium!


  1. I hoped you enjoyed yourself. I would of told you some great spots for shopping. I was born and raised in St. Thomas. I am going back at the end of April I miss the beach and my plantains.

  2. Never Dessert You,

    We had a fantastic time in St. Thomas, wished we could stay longer! We hope you have a great time when you go back! What a beautiful place to grow up in! =)

  3. Bopharandeth (Bo) Em, this place as amazing!