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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paradise Island, The Bahamas

Our last and final stop on the cruise was Nassau in the Bahamas. For this island, we decided we would spend our time at Atlantis on Paradise Island. Along with many of our cruise-mates, we all piled on a bus that would take us there.

The resort is gorgeous from afar and when we hopped out of the shuttle bus, I couldn't help but notice a very fishy smell. Of course, it dawned on me when we toured the resort that the smell was coming from all the aquariums and habitats. But honestly, the smell doesn't register for long because of all the wonderful sights.
Here is the main lobby of the resort and one of the three aquariums. Just stunning isn't it?
Outside, there are water parks, beaches, and restaurants. Don't think we would be bored if we stayed for a week here.
A school of fish swim by as we eat lunch.
This place is so grand looking!
My favourite part of the resort, all of the aquariums.
You sir, are bigger than me!
Our tour guide holding up a conch. You can eat these in town, they're served in many different ways.
We are saving up, this is one spot we want to return to! Not only for all the aqua-adventures, but for the food too. The resort has restaurants by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Bobby Flay.


  1. The name fits the place to a tee. It truly is a paradise for anyone.

  2. pimalai - We wholeheartedly agree!

  3. The place looks lovely. The sea looks clear and brilliant. I hope they have acaravan park to showcase the beauty of that sea, although this must be regulated to avoid destruction of the ocean and the sea creatures.

  4. Seabass are supremely delicious fish, it's so tender that a perfectly cooked seabass can just melt in your mouth bursting with flavors that is infused in it. Perhaps going into a beautiful place like this, traveling alone or with someone, tasting different food can be called an adventure. It's really pleasing to be a food lover.