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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


609 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
(416) 703-7775

WVRST is a modern sausage and beer hall. Howard and I had been meaning to try it, so we finally went last month for a quick meal. Located on the second floor, we arrived like a couple of shy students at a high school dance. Sticking to the sides, I noticed the display case and cashier at the back. We were friendly greeted and asked if this was our first visit. Yup! You can spot us from afar. After a quick explanation of the menu, Howard and I stepped aside to decide on our order.

Look at all the types of sausages they have displayed in the case! Yup, you read correctly, they serve kangaroo here....

After placing our order, we were given a stand to carry to our seats.

And what's a beer hall without the beer (above) and the hall (below)?
I'm sure the place get filled quickly during proper meal times. We can see this being a great space for large parties.

So our food arrives on a tray with some red-and-white gingham accents that allowed them to label out our order. Pretty straight forward and gave the meal a nice picnic feel to it.

As you can see, the duck fat fries in the middle dominate most of the tray. This was highly recommended to us by friends, but to be honest, we couldn't taste anything that different. Maybe we needed to order their regular fries to do a proper comparison.

I figured I should go for a traditional sausage like their Bratwvrst, a veal, pork, and wine combination served with bread and a tomato curry sauce. Using the little wooden pick, I smeared some of the excess sauce onto the bread and took a bite of the bratwurst. It was quite juicy and I could taste the wine flavour coming through the meal. I can see why this is quite addictive!

Howard picked the Wild Boar with mushroom and tea. Since the game meats were not recommended with the currywurst, we went with the buttered white roll with sweet sautéed onions and sautéed jalapenos. It was tasty with the right amount of heat. Went well with the beer the hostess recommended.

The whole experience was pleasant enough that we would return, I have my taste buds set on a few other meats to try!

Sorry if the photos don't do the place any justice, they were all taken with our phone cameras. Like I said, we popped in for a quick meal and did not plan ahead to bring our camera!

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