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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bake it Forward

Last year, Redpath Sugar Acts of Sweetness asked ten Canadian bloggers with a passion for baking to send them one of their favourite recipes. Now, after a year of baking, mailing, and secret keeping, we’re finally sharing the delicious results with you!
What's really neat about the Bake it Forward collection is that it travelled across Canada! The package went out west, and it's first stop was in Surrey, BC, after which it travelled east, stopping in each of our kitchens as it makes its way back to the Acts of Sweetness headquarters in Toronto. The package contained instructions, recipe cards, as well as pre-paid postage, and lots more fun stuff!
We each had a custom made recipe card to fill out and we would jazz it up with pictures and stickers. Once we filled out our recipe card, we would reseal the package and mail it on to the next baker in the chain.
I was the second last baker to receive the package, so I had the pleasure of reading through everyone's favourite recipes. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon! That weekend, I got baking!
I made mini lemon doughnuts and you'll be able to find the recipe on the Redpath Sugar website now. You'll even get to see how we all filled out the recipe cards!
I would highly recommend that you use a piping bag to get the batter into the doughnut pan.
Above: Before!
Above: And after!
If you butter or oil the doughnut pan, they should pop right out. I like to let them cool off in a sieve.
After they're cooled, melt some chocolate and glaze the doughnuts. Add some sparkle with sprinkles!
Here are the links to the Bake it Forward recipes, you have got to check them out!
Sylvia's Chocolate and Lemon Doughnuts
Marjorie's Strawberry Cake Roll
You'll probably recognize a lot of these bloggers and blogs, enjoy!

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  1. That's a very cool idea and you have to admire companies who implement marketing initiatives like this. Love the mini doughnuts - my daughter will be baking these on the weekend for sure.