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Friday, March 7, 2014

Wedding Blues

It has been five months since Howard proposed to me in the lovely meadow of Central Park. I think we were able to get away with not having finalized plans for our wedding during the first few months. We were also happily settling into our new home and finding a routine and diving straight into work. But now that we're into the fifth month and reaching the sixth - almost half a year - people are starting to ask questions. Difficult to answer questions.

When are you getting married?
Where are you getting married?
Seriously, when are you getting married?

Uh-oh. We're starting to feel the pressure. And we understand! Don't get us wrong, we do. Our family and friends need to know and plan for the occasion. Everyone's busy and everyone has their own plans and budgets in the upcoming years too. Each time someone asks us, I panic because it reminds me that this should be on our to-do list and it isn't anywhere near the top. We haven't really started talking about it but we've come up with some ideas after talking with friends who went through the whole ordeal last year.

Number one. Do what YOU want.
I don't feel that this is going to be tough for Howard and I. We've been thoroughly warned that we might piss some people off by going this route, but we're both very stubborn people and if we have to say no to something or someone, we're not going to have any trouble doing so. What do we know we want? A wedding in 2015. A small and close-knit group of people at our wedding. Nor do we want to be meeting people for the first time at our wedding. Sorry, if we don't actually know you, you're not invited!

Number two. Set a budget.
There's no doubt about it and endless jokes about prices once the word wedding is included. Weddings can be expensive. Find something you're comfortable with. No one wants to start their marriage off in debt! We have come up with a small budget that we think is reasonable and afforadable and won't make us hermits for the rest of our lives.

Number three. Decide on a venue.
This is where we're having the most trouble!
On the one hand, having the wedding at Toronto means that more of our family and friends can attend. We'll have more control over the details and get to source everything to our liking. The huge setback is the price. After coming up with the estimated cost of the venue we like, the caterer, the furniture rental, and all associated taxes and fees, we were already going way over budget. This wasn't even including decorations, flowers, alcohol, cake, tuxedos, or dresses yet!
Solution number two (not a very popular one for guests), have a destination wedding. We are leaning heavily (pretty much decided) with this decision as we can find an all-inclusive Caribbean resort under our budget. There will be food, fun, music, and beautiful weather (when is hurricane season again?). Will our family and friends come? Some will, some won't. But doesn't a stress free week on an island sound more appealing to numerous service and vendor fees? Once we book the flight and resort, we won't have to do anything else! The only headache is narrowing it down to one island and one resort. We'd like to find a place that is known for food as well since we are food lovers! St. Lucia? Grenada? Saint Martin?

Number four. Ask for help!
As you can see . . . this is what we have to show for after five months of wedding "planning." We're stuck on number three. (Obviously it would be lovely to win the lottery and not have to worry about all of this.) What did you do for your wedding? Have you been to a destination wedding? Did you have a destination wedding? What are some websites that you've found useful? What are your tips and suggestions? What all-inclusive resorts have you been to and would recommend?
After doing some research, we're thinking April, May, or September. Narrowing it down to Jamaica and the Bahamas, but we're still open to feedback on islands and resorts!

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