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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Save the Dates

So begins my weekly series about our wedding. I'll be bringing us back to a year ago when we started planning for the big day. And how quickly time flies, we've been married for a month now! The day flew by and so did the honeymoon, I'm wish we were still lounging by the pool right now.

To start it off, the first thing we had to create were the Save the Dates. We sent ours out a year in advance because there was a travel component to it. While we would have loved to do a destination wedding, we knew that there was a chance that key people wouldn't be able to make it. So to incorporate the "destination" part, we opened up what would be considered our honeymoon to be a week long after party.
We sent out the save the dates electronically and to create it, I was inspired by the scripted icing that I spotted on Pinterest. This looked like a delicious way to announce our wedding date!

I whipped up a small batch of royal icing, took out a sheet of parchment paper, and lightly penciled in the cursive words. With shaky hands, I piped out it out in one try! Not bad! But looking back, I wish I made the icing a bit firmer as the loops in the h and e started to blur in. Or at least tried it again on another piece of parchment.
The next step was to decorate around the parchment paper. I poured some dragees into a cocotte (I recommend a funnel, they bounced everywhere). Took out some white coloured heart and star sprinkles and positioned the leftover royal icing and piping bag in the corners.
The next step was the most fun - snapping as many overhead photos as possible. Standing on a chair, I took photos of various angles and positions of the items laid out on my counter top. Then went through them on the computer before choosing one and doing some edits on the brightness.
The text was then added on using PicMonkey (still my favourite online photo editing). At this point, we hadn't decided on a venue in Toronto or a resort in Jamaica yet, so we left the details pretty vague.

But there you have it! We sent these out and even printed a few for family and friends to stick on their fridge.

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