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Friday, January 7, 2011


at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-8924
(702) 731-7849

They're on facebook and twitter too!

Has breakfast ever looked so good? Since we were staying at Caesars Palace, we had breakfast at Payard. François Payard is a French Pastry Chef with locations in New York, Japan, and Korea. He also has three cookbooks (Chocolate Epiphany, Simply Sensational Desserts, and Bite Size) with delicious looking covers that I want to have a look at.

But let's go back to breakfast. I ordered the brioche French toast with sauteed berries and whipped cream. At this location for breakfast, you sit around the buffet and cooking area. I got to watch the Chef make my French toast and sauté the berries and top the dish with whipped cream. When it was ready, I was eagerly waiting for our server, who fondly chuckled at my anticipation.

It was quite good. The lip smacking kind of good. I neatly sliced my French toast and dipped it in the berry juice and for good measure, whisked the whipped cream onto it. Mmm!

Howard went for the continental breakfast buffet and would come back with low fat yogurt with berries and granola, flaky croissants, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels. Howard's not a fan of breakfast like I am, but he was captivated by the croissants (which I sadly didn't have a bite of). And anywhere that serves good smoked salmon gets a nod of approval by Howard. =)

Besides the dining room, Payard also has a storefront where you can get meals to go.

There was also this construction, I see the chocolate showpieces and the moving gears, but what does it do? Does chocolate pop out into the tray?

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