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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cupcakes

You've heard of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes right? The comics are about a 6 year old boy and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Calvin is very adventurous and has quite the witty mind when it comes to dealing with life.

These cupcakes are inspired from his many snow adventures (how fitting as we're getting tonnes of snow here in Toronto). To see some of the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen comic strips, you can do a quick search on Google Images. I think you'll laugh at their crazy antics and hopefully enjoy some of our variations and additions:

Let's start off with the mischievous Calvin, while he can be devious, Howard sculpted him out of fondant and has Calvin making snow angels in the vanilla buttercream frosting.

Poor Hobbes, he looks stuck! I guess someone tricked him and got a big snowball over his head.

Maybe it was the snow minions? But they look innocent enough...

Buddy! Help me! The snow sharks are trying to eat me!

Sorry I can't help, I'm not even sure how I fell into this tree...

I can't help either! I'm being buried alive!
Well, at least your head is still intact...

Yeah, I'm not doing so well over here.

Yeah, well I was here minding my own business, listening to my iPod when...

That. Happened.
Who would throw a snowball at a snowman?

Clean and right through my body! What am I going to do???
What are you looking at ski-man?

I'd say that a hole is much luckier than what my sledding buddy did to this poor dude:

He accidentally (was it really an accident?) ran over someone at the bottom of the hill.

He can be rebuilt if necessary, but this guy...
It looks like he ate too much pizza, cheese, baguettes, and... is that chicken wing?
Well, I think if you over eat, or over drink beer... then you deserve this:

What? Throwing up sprinkles?

You never know, weird things can happen to your body here.
Would you rather have three eyes, two noses, and one body?

Or two heads and one body?

You think that's bad? The other day I was watching TV and reading books, basically minding my own business when...

My pet cat came over and ... ugh! I can't even finish that sentence. Let's just say, yellow snow was involved. Enough said.

Yellow snow is nothing compared to warm weather! We're meltinggggg over here...

Well, you're not a snow ghost yet.

We hope you enjoyed our little twisted land of snow. We had LOTS of fun making these. =)

Did you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Birthday Greg!


  1. Theya re AMAZING!! I especially love the one of Hobbes head first in the snow, far too cute for words!

  2. Love these- they are too much fun!

    I like the one with the snow ball thrown through it and the one puking sprinkles. ha ha!

  3. These are great! I really like Hobbes, but the snow people are great too. Reminds me a bit of bunny suicides. If you haven't read them yet you should. Morbid, but cute and funny.

  4. That is the most A-dor-a-ble thing I've ever seen! I love them all!

  5. Wow these are fantastic and brought a huge smile to my face. Love the one of hobbs dissapearing into a snow drift. :)

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun with these! SUper adorable <3

  7. love them all! specially the one with the snow ball thrown through. they are so cute!

  8. That are awesome! I remember seeing that comic and laughing so hard since it was so funny! Great job on replicating that comic!

  9. These are fantastic and twisted and amazing.

  10. These are soooooo great! Makes me want to pull out my Calvin and Hobbes books, get a cup of coffee and read this gray day away.

  11. Amazing! They are so cute and funny. Very creative.

  12. These are beautiful)))

  13. These are very entertaining! What a great job you did!

  14. They are all adorable! My husband and I love Calvin and Hobbes. New follower to your blog, will be back to check out new pictures for sure.

    ElizabethGoodies by the Pound

  15. Ok, I didn't know what moomins were, but I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes and these are so awesome!

  16. Ha ha ha ha. These are so fun! I love them all! But especially the snowball through the snowman. So funny.

  17. I love this! My brother was one of the biggest fans of Calvin and Hobbes. (He was totally a Calvin). This is really cool.

  18. Wonderful! I love snow ghost cake. Very cute.

  19. Chele, thank you! Credit goes to Howard for making Hobbes and sticking him in "snow!"

    Monica H, thanks! Puking sprinkles is my personal favourite too. =)

    jubistacha, thanks!

    Allison, hahaha I just searched bunny suicides, love it!

    MaryBeth, thank you!

    Katie, funny how we smile at Hobbes' pain? ;)

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes], yes!!

    MON, SweetThingsTO, cakeflower, Brandy L, and ohenrywine.com, thank you!

    Sandi, do it! You'll feel better! =)

    Baking Decorations, Anna Bee, and A Busy Nest, thank you!

    Goodies by the Pound, welcome and thank you!!

    Brilynn, lilaloa, hahah thanks!

    elisa, hahaha it must have been fun growing up together!

    cakes to hyderabad, thanks!

  20. these are HILARIOUS and AMAZING! you have to send these pics to the calvin and hobbes writer/illustrator!

  21. lyndsay - Thank you! =) Credit really goes to Bill!

  22. Late to the party, but these are totally awesome. Great work. : )

  23. Here via CakeWrecks.com. My favorite is Hobbes under a snowball, although the sharks were cute too. Love these!

  24. You made Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets! Those are the beautiful cakes they publish every Sunday, to make up for the wrecks the rest of the week. These cupcakes are fantastic -- my favorite is the sled guy.

    1. It's crazy! I didn't expect to make Sunday Sweets, this was such a nice surprise!

  25. Thank you for bringing Hobbes to life!!! I've always wanted to gather together Calvin's snowmen and you've done it!

  26. CakeWrecks fan and a SUPER C&H fan. LOVE the twisted snowmen, those were always my favorite.

    1. Hahaha same here, who needs non-twisty snowmen?

  27. My sister and I have always been HUGE Calvin and Hobbes fans. The snow men comics are just epic and timeless- you did it justice for sure! <3

  28. Wow. Just plain wow. These take the cake :-)

  29. Super cute and clever!!! Love he kitty cat and the yellow snow! ~ Kiki

  30. Awesome! i love the one tossing his sprinkles - lol!

  31. Yellow snow...Hands down! LOL. Thanks for the happy :0)