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Monday, January 24, 2011

Moomin Cupcakes

Do you remember Moomins? Or the better question may be, do you know what Moomins are? I am sad to admit that I don't know Moomins as well as I should.

So how did I come to make Moomin cupcakes? Well... it all began with a celebration for a colleague (Claire) who found a new job. As a surprise, two of my colleagues (Ellen and Jenny) asked me to make her Moomin cupcakes. I would usually hesitate in making fondant decorations of characters that I'm not sure of, but when I saw the Moomins (they're pretty darn cute), I wanted to make them.

So this is Moomintroll, the son of Moominmamma and Moominpappa. He's also best friends with Snufkin. Teehee, I love their names!

Here's Moominpappa with his top hat and walking cane.

This is Moominmamma with her apron and purse. I was told that she always has her purse with her.

Come on Moominpappa! Let's go shopping! - Do Moomins like shopping?

What's a story without a little romance? I hear that Moomintroll is in love with the Snork Maiden. She has blond hair and wears a gold anklet.

Snufkin here, as I mentioned above, is Moomintroll's best friend.

This is Little My, she's Snufkin's half-sister!

Sniff here is also Moomintroll's friend.

Too-Ticky is a friend of the family.

This is the Groke, who is very lonely...

Thingumy and Bob here remind me of mischievious Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.

Finally, the Hattifatteners! All I could think of when we were making these were jazz hands.

We will miss you Claire! Wishing you the best of luck - and remember, behave!

Yum! I kept half a dozen cupcakes for myself - they will make great afternoon snacks and after dinner desserts this week.


  1. Have you seen the Moomins Cook Book?


  2. I don't know what moomins are, but those are freaking cute!

  3. Oh I love these! Moomins rock (as does the Moomins Cookbook, which I got given for Christmas this year!)

  4. Love your cupcakes!
    Please follow my blog to see my latest confectionery creation! A Valentine Gingerbread House!

  5. Awe - they really are far too cute to be eating!!

  6. I have never heard of these characters before, but are they ever cute!

  7. Oh my goodness! I love all of the cute little characters! you did an awesome job! Now I've got to look up what Moomins are. I'm so curious!

  8. Sylvia- these were best darn cupcakes I ever saw - you're a genius! And they were so tasty too, although I felt a little bad about eating them at all, and that's why I cose the barely villianous hattifatteners.
    Thank you again! Ellen

  9. I am not one who swoons over cupcakes, but these are amazing. Perfect, actually. I've never heard of the Moomins before, but they're pretty darn cute.

  10. Oh, my heavens!!! I collect Moomin mugs and these cupcakes would make the perfect snack with a cup of tea!

  11. Hi! I'm Bakerina the Baking Ballerina! Please follow my blog and tell me what you think of my cupcakes!

  12. SO cute! I love them. And the cupcakes...how will you ever wait more than one day to eat them? They look so delicious!

  13. Haha these are soo adorable!! Never heard of them, but awesomely made :)

  14. Walrus, thanks for letting me know! Can't wait to read and try some recipes from the Moomins Cook Book!

    Brilynn, we're in the same boat!

    souperior, ooo what do you recommend from the Moomins Cook Book?

    With Love and Confection, thank you!

    Chele, chomp chomp. My colleagues devoured them!

    Brandy L and Bonnie, thank you!

    Ellen, it is all thanks to you that these cupcakes came to be! Great choice and I think Claire's speechlessness meant she liked them. ;)

    kellypea, thank you!

    Heather Woollove, yay a Moomins fan! Nice to meet you! =)

    lilaloa and Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes], thank you!

  15. Love the Moomins and love those cakes! Nice job!

  16. so cute! never heard of the moomins til now... but man there are lots of hilarious little characters. you are the character-master! awesome as usual!!

  17. Katie Lee - Thank you!

    lyndsay - Hehehe those moomins are cute characters aren't they? Looking forward to reading more about them.

  18. I think this is the best thing I have EVER seen! How on earth did you make those models they're awesome!

    I absolutely adore Moomins! Me and my best friend have an ongoing love affair with Moominmamma.
    Bravo! :D

  19. Jessica - Thank you so much!! The Moomins were all molded by hand using fondant. I also adore Moominmamma, one should always have an apron and purse handy. =)

  20. I grew up with the Moomins and these cupcakes are a lovely representation of the characters. Well done. I have asked my sister to make them for MY birthday next year and I've been in double digits for a couple of decade now! He he. : )

  21. Anonymous, two counts as a "couple," so don't worry. You're still a young twenty year old! ;)

  22. These are amazing! I also grew up with Moomins (it's hard not to when you're living in Finland)and I still love them.
    You were wondering if Moominmamma likes to go shopping. She doesn't because in Moominvalley there is no money nor shops. Story doesn't tell where is all the food coming from, though. (:

  23. Hi Veera,

    Thank you so much!! I love that you were able to answer my questions about Moominmamma's shopping habits. =)

  24. Hi!

    For more information about the Moomins, please visit:
    www.moomin.com or www.facebook.com/pages/Moomin/185958374788084

    Moomin Webmaster

  25. I found the moomin when i was in finland in nov. and love them. these are so kute. i love the little my figure. great work!!!!

  26. Ha-ha-ha, what a coincidence! I was having a lazy Sunday morning, watching the Moomins on TV (I live in Finland) and surfing on the net when I came across your post :D I can't remember reading your blog before but will definitely come back. Very good job with the Moomins considering you were not sure of them :)

  27. Hi Erica, thank you!!

    Anonymous, we don't get Moomins on TV here =( but thank you for visiting our blog!

  28. where can i buy the paper cups that the cupcakes are in ?

  29. Hi there, you can buy the paper cups at a Wholesale Club or online:

  30. Amazing job with the characters, you really have a talent. Love "Little My" - absolutely perfect.

  31. I loved this post!! so sweet and lovely! look at those Hattifatteners!!! Cute and yummy! if you allow me I will translate it to Spanish (of course give your credits mentioning and redirecting to your site). Congratulations for such hability and creativity!!!

  32. chestela, thanks for featuring our cupcakes on your blog! =)

  33. Hi, how did you stick the hattifnattar's hands?

    1. Hi there! Great question. Fondant becomes incredibly sticky when you add water to it. So we dab a small water drop to the body and attached the hand. We had to hold it for a minute to wait for it to dry. Once the water dries, the hand stays stuck on the body!