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Monday, December 6, 2010

MoRoCo Chocolat

After getting Cake Pops signed, we went for lunch, and stopped to visit MoRoCo Chocolat. This place was recommended to me by my brother!

99 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 3K5
(416) 961-2202

They're on twitter too!

Here's one of their display windows. Love it when shops get into the festive mood. Here, they have stringed up some white-coloured macarons as decorations in the frames.

If you look closely under the table, there is a miniature tea party happening on the lower level!

The store itself is quite pretty and the staff were friendly towards us.

We rather enjoyed looking through all the names of their chocolates. There's Mintjito, Pout, Thai Me Up, Think Pink, Flirt, Sourpuss, and C'52 among them. If you're wondering what the names mean, you can download their chocolate map to check.

They also sell a variety of other sweets and gifts.

Like macarons!

We ended up trying Salted Caramel, Lemon, Passionfruit, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Raspberry. Howard and I both agreed that they didn't need to dye the macarons such bright colours. I liked the raspberry one and Howard liked the pistachio one from the bunch.

Their store is also the entrance towards their lounge where most people were eating brunch. Keep in mind that this is one of the more swankier places we've visited (it is in Yorkville), so the prices are a bit higher.


  1. Beautiful store, love the window display too. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That store is gorgeous!!! Lovee the colors :) I'm in awe.

  3. Hey there! This was a gorgeous post, I love all this pictures...this is def. my favorite time of the year! I'm a new follower and just wanted to show some <3....also wanted to let you know about a giveaway going on at my new blog this weekend only. It's for a super cute child's apron, handmade! Hope to see you ladies over there!!!

  4. OH YUM! i'm totally stopping by MoroCo when i'm in yorkville next. why have i never heard of this before?!!

  5. wow... a very ethereal lavender palette! i like their logo and silver sign!

  6. Just Cake Girl, Jeniffer Paxton, Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes], Kailee, thank you! The design and colours of this place is so sleek and yet classic in a away...

    nathalie, It took me awhile to hear about this place too!

    lyndsay, it just screams fancy doesn't it? =)