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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cake Pops with Bakerella

Um... you all know Bakerella right? If her name and wonderful blog doesn't ring a bell, maybe her irresistible mini treats will? Cake pops or more specifically the cupcake pop!

Bakerella went touring around North America to promote her cute book, Cake Pops. Now, I don't know about you, but I've been checking in book stores ever since the book's release, but never found one. I chalked it up to it being a bestseller. Which it was. On the New York Times Bestsellers List.

So I was pretty excited to see this post about her visit to Toronto. Yay! I would finally get a copy of the book, get to meet her, and have my book signed!

I should have been there earlier. My mind slipped on Saturday morning as I thought the event was at 1pm. Luckily I knew that something wasn't right and I managed to get to Williams-Sonoma at 12:05. I love that they drew a cake pop on the sign.

But that doesn't mean I was even close. Sigh, my original plan was to arrive at 11:30am. But I was on tip-toes and was able to hear the Q&As. Howard, being much taller, was very kind to take photos for me.

Whoohoo! The photo's a little fuzzy (Howard!) but I think you can still see the Canadian-themed cake pops Carolynn Sheu (thanks for letting us know) from Ottawa made - moose and beaver! I kind of blanked out when I sat down and didn't say anything. But Angie was very sweet, commented on our bangs, and asked if I liked to bake and I blurted out that I've never tried making cake pops before. *smacks head*

But I will. Now that I have the book and a holiday coming up. I will make cake pops!

Also, you might see the colour of the pumps she was wearing...

Her sharpie marker is the same colour as her shoes. Don't you love it when your accessories match like that?

As a nice surprise, we were given buttons after the signing! I love them - cupcakes, robots, and little snow people. Thank you for visiting Toronto! =)


  1. I'm a Canadian living in London England and Love those Canadian cake pops! I've got Bakerella's cake pop book over here and am crossing my fingers that she'll come do a UK tour so I can get my book signed as well. Love this post and love your blog!

  2. I adore her!! :) I never tried these pops, but i hope i will soon :)

  3. Wow you met Bakerella! That's soo awesome :)

  4. Hi there! Thanks for mentioning my 'Canadiana' cake pops in your blog! Wasn't it great meeting her? She's lovely! Please change 'someone' to 'Carolynn from Ottawa'...thanks! I drove down from the Nation's capital and since this was her first time to Canada, I figured some Canadian content was in order.

    Bake on!
    Carolynn from Ottawa

  5. OMG you're so lucky to have met her. How the heck did I not know that she was in town? I made her cake pop for a work fundraiser earlier this year. They were totally awesome! The process was a little tedious (you really need to have everything set up and ready to go--which is not the way I like to bake, har har har) but definitely worth it.

    Can't wait to see your version of the cake/cupcake pops.

  6. Soo nice! I'm so happy you got to meet her - maybe I'd be jealous if I even lived in North America! Let's just say I lived a little vicariously through in this post :) haha

  7. Made With Pink, thank you! I hope Bakerella visits London too, imagine the inspirations of England she'll get for more cake pops!

    Just Cake Girl, me too! =)

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes], it was pretty fun!

    Carolynn, great job on the Canadian cake pops! And of course, I've already changed it.

    Dominique @ Dom's Hungry, what kind of cake pops did you make for the work fundraiser? I am having trouble deciding what I want my cake pops to look like.

    Jessiker, awww =)

  8. nice work Carolynn from Ottawa! that's an adorable idea and i'm sure it made Angie feel so welcome and honoured that someone thought to do that!!

    My Auntie gave me her book for Christmas, but of course I've followed her bright and lovely-photographed blog for a few years, her style is so clean and meticulous! the book is lots of fun!

    Sylvia, you look cute in that pic with her! ^_^

  9. lyndsay, aww thanks! I don't know why, but I was so nervous!