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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Wedding Cake Shoppe

Our second stop during our pre-Valentine's Day weekend:

The Wedding Cake Shoppe
859 College Street
Toronto, ON M6H 1A1
(416) 916-2253

They tweet too!

Despite the name of the shop, they don't only sell wedding cakes, you can visit and pick up some great cupcakes too. While you're there, they also have a small selection of cake toppers and tools.

Hello! My name is I'm going to eat you!

Some cupcakes were dressed up for Valentine's Day. As a heads up, Howard and I will be helping a friend make cupcakes for their wedding. If we aren't tired from making 250 cupcakes, I'll do a little tutorial about making fondant monogram hearts and share the mass cupcake experience. =)

The lovely display of cake stands drew my attention away from the cupcakes a bit. I would like the pink, blue, and green cake stands please! Oh and glass domes!!

It was really busy here on Saturday. All of the tables were full of people doing tastings and planning their wedding cakes.

We picked up the dulce de leche cupcake. A vanilla bean cupcake topped with imported argentinian dulce de leche. It was rich, thick, sweet, and delicious! We also tried the passion fruit pash cupcake. Another vanilla bean cupcake, topped with passion fruit buttercream. Great aroma and flavour for the buttercream!


  1. ooo what an inspiration :) rverything look amazing :)

  2. looks cute! that red and white patterned wedding cake in the top pic -- is that covered with paper? or some cricut-y type fondant printout?


  3. Oh wow!! Those are some truly gorgeous cakes. It's what I aspire to be able to make someday!

  4. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story about my shoppe! The pictures look great and I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

    p.s the red and white cake is covered in rice paper ;)

  5. Just Cake Girl - It is! I love looking at cake displays!

    lyndsay - Yup, paper for the dummy cakes on display. =)

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - You will! =D

    wcs girls - No problem, thank you for serving us such great cupcakes! =)

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