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Friday, February 18, 2011

Nadege Patisserie

The final place we stopped by on our pre-Valentine's Day weekend was recommended to me by Monica Kulling. Exactly one year ago, she gave me 4 little macarons from Nadege Patisserie, I even kept the card it came with (it's still on my fridge) just so I would remember to visit.

Nadege Patisserie
780 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1G2
(416) 368-2009

They offer lots of pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and macarons. They also have seating room if you ever want to take a break and watch chefs in the back make wonderful treats.

Honestly, I wanted to try more than one of their cakes, but having just purchased a bunch of cupcakes from the three previous bakeries, I had to behave and limit my sugar intake.

Since it was a weekend of looove, Howard and I decided on the pink fuzzy heart cake named Elle. "It's so FUZZY!" (say it in Agnes' voice from Despicable Me)

Cute box!!! By the way, the service was great. They greet you when you come in and are very attentive to help while you hem and haw over which dessert you're going to finally pick.

Hello Elle! This was by far our favourite dessert from the whole day. Inside, there is a layer of light sponge cake, lichee mousse with raspberry filling. We don't know what the pink fuzzy covering is over the white chocolate mold, but it was all edible and tasty. Great flavour combination!

And of course we're back for the macarons!

What can I say? It was fun! And if you have an eagle eye, you'll notice in the photo of our sweet haul that the macarons are sitting on top of another Nadege bag. Howard couldn't resist and also got a chocolate almond croissant.

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  1. Wow...the Nadege Patisserie looks like a wonderful place. I would love to go there but it's too far from me. Beautiful pictures. Have a great day.

    The Gypsy Factory

  2. I had some macarons from there last March when I was in Toronto, absolutely amazing!

  3. This place is so whimsy and cute! I'd love to go there sometime!

  4. This french bakery is amazing !!! Nadege's "cakes" are absolutely AMAZING !!!! The place is cute : I love the white fourniture ...
    (Dommage qu'elle ne livre pas la France ...)

  5. So close but yet so far away. These desserts are amazing and maybe it's a good thing it's far away.

  6. The Gypsy Factory - Thank you, I hope you get to visit one day. Or they open up more locations!

    Just Cake Girl - Yes they are!

    Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog - Yay!

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - It really is a great place to sit and joy some sweets. =)

    Anonymous - Yup!

    Buba86 - Wowie!

    Sandra - Hahaha, maybe?

  7. Wonderful review of Nadège! It's one my favourite places in Toronto. I'm really surprised that they let you take photos. I was there in the summer of 2010 with a friend and one of the girls (she's Asian) behind the counter told her quite rudely that she wasn't allowed to take photos.

    Anyhow, I was just there for Macarons Day, where all of the proceeds were donated to the Red Cross in Japan. I really enjoyed trying matcha green tea, hazelnut raspberry and chestnut.

  8. Jessica, I think it's one of my top favourite places in Toronto too. I wish there was a location closer to me, downtown is always a trek. Odd about the photos... they didn't say anything and were rather friendly and nice. Mmmm those three flavours sound delicious!

  9. love this place did u know they now have a location in Rosedale:)

  10. Eat Here Next, yes!!! I went on their 2nd opening day!! =D