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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fondant Dinosaur Round-Up 2

It is time to do another round-up featuring your fondant dinosaur cupcakes! We left off our round-up here and we have been joyfully hearing from more and more of you. We tried our best to post these in the order that they appeared, if we missed yours, please let us know.

1. Shared on flickr by Melinda from Fantasy Cupcakes in the UK:

We love how she added spots on some of the dinosaurs and those eyes, you just get lost in them! A great set and she even made dinosaur bones and prints.

2. Posted by Kim M. Byers from the Celebration Shoppe blog in Ohio:

There are the dinosaur cake toppers she made!

Cole is one lucky birthday boy!

You have to visit the blog for the full effect - the dessert table, the dino-ROAR party ideas, and the decorations! Great colour co-ordination and attention to details.

3. Posted by Sandi Oh from Oh, just put a cupcake in it.... in Minnesota:

So many dinosaur cupcakes! Once again, we love the added touch of patterns on the dinosaurs. They turned out really good and she made a volcano cake:

Do you want to see something cool? Sandi also posted a video showing the volcano eruption using dry ice.

4. Posted by Christine from Pure Joy Events in DC:

Here is the full post about their DinoFOUR Birthday party. It looked like a lot of fun, we would have loved to do a dinosaur hunt as a kid!

Love how the cake stands are decorated with a grass border. The cupcakes are from Georgetown Cupcakes, you may have heard about their show on TLC, DC Cupcakes?

5. Posted by Netty from Babycakes in New York:

We hope that Louis loved them!

Grinning T-Rexes make us grin too! Nom!

6. Photo shared by Carol Delp from facebook:

Smooth frosting for the cake and great use of icing for the nest too! I thought the eggs were jellybeans or candy, but Carol confirmed that they were also made from fondant.

7. Photo shared by Stephanie Bouffiou from facebook:

Smiley dinosaurs, nice and neat grass frosting too. We know how tiring piping lots of tiny grass can be, so great job! What flavours are the cupcakes? We see two colours...

8. Photo shared by Darlene Grucci Darden from facebook:

Great photo! Volcano and dinosaurs for Sean's birthday.

9. Photo shared by Auradell from the comments below. Visit her blog, she also made an amazing guitar cake!

This guy is ready to party!! Such a cute hat!

Thank you to everyone for sharing! It looks like most boys turning 3 or 4 are really into dinosaurs! We like seeing that our dinosaur tutorials are being found useful, so don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future tutorials. =)


  1. So many colors. It look splendid.

  2. Wow...very nice! I like every cake design.

  3. jubistacha - Everyone did a fantastic job! =)

  4. I love the DC cupcakes :) very cute!!!

  5. I actually used your Trex tutorial for my friends cake. He was turning 21 :P

  6. I love the color combinations, stunning!


  7. complimenti per il tuo blog, è favoloso! mi sono iscritta, così ti leggo sempre! deliziose le tue foto!

  8. Unbelieveable! I'd love to know what brand/colour of dye (?) was used to create the blue/teal colour in the first photo.

  9. Le Petite Cakes, we do too! Those are the closest we'll ever get to being with DC cupcakes!

    Auradell, thank you for sharing! I'm going to add that on to this post! =)

    Theresa, everyone did a terrific job!

    Le ricette dell'Amore Vero, thank you!

    Michelle, you'll have to ask Melinda! =)

  10. Wow thanks for putting me on your blog :) I loved the dinosaur tutorial and how may cute cakes came from it!

  11. Hi Auradell,

    No problem!! Thanks for sharing again and I can't wait to work on another tutorial...

    Or do another round-up once more people start sharing their photos! =)

  12. Auradell, Thank you very much for sharing with us.

  13. Replies
    1. Your dinosaur cupcakes are just as cute! I've never tried using a mold before so you're leap years ahead of me!