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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Bars

Something neat arrived in an intermodal container this week. (Yes, I had to look up "intermodal container" in order to know what to call them. Learned something new!) The container was marked as private with a Max Gross of 32.500 kgs (71.650 lbs). I don't think I can lift that...

It told me to reveal, so I carefully tugged at the Velcro strip and pulled out Reese Minis!

Tumble out little Minis! Warning: these are dangerous to have around because they are miniature versions of the Peanut Butter Cups and are unwrapped. You'll eat four or five and think nothing of it, but soon the whole bag is devoured!

I was sharing the cool packaging on twitter when Sarah from What Smells So Good? tweeted this:

Done! We're making those! (Click on the image above to see the recipe.) When I told Howard what we were making, he said, "what? We have to bake with it?" Yes. It became a challenge to NOT eat them as they are.

See me covering the black bottom here with more banana batter:

Then scoring out 16 bars with Reese Minis in the center:

Hey, what smells so good?

These bars! Only 2 Reese Minis high, hehee!

Before I ate every last crumb, I noticed this one:

Still showing the black bottom and top layer. =)

So readers, if you were given some Reese Minis, what would you make? Enter our Reese Minis Giveaway:
  1. Please tell us what you would do with Reese Minis? Do you prefer them as they are? Or do you want to dress up a dessert or baked good? Maybe something savory? Leave your creative responses in the comments below.
  2. Don't forget to leave me an e-mail address!
  3. The Reese Minis Giveaway is open on March 5th 2011 until March 10th 2011. So you have plenty of time to enter! Comments submitted after 12 midnight EST on March 10th will not be considered.
  4. The giveaway is only open to those with a Canadian mailing address, sorry folks!
  5. A lucky winner will be randomly drawn.
  6. The winner will be announced on March 11th on our blog.
Disclaimer: Thank you to Brittany from M Booth & Associates and those at Hershey's Canada for sending us a sample of Reese Minis and for providing the giveaway.


  1. I'd make salty sweet peanut butter blondies with these folded in kind of like chocolate chips!

  2. Those look divine! I've used these already to make peanut blossom cookies, substituting the mini's for the kisses. I also bake them into brownies for a peanut butter surprise.

  3. I love them just the way they are. Fresh, soft, and full of creamy peanut butter deliciousness. Can you tell I love Reese's?

  4. I actually have an addiction to reese peanut butter cups. Must. Get. These. Now!

  5. These look awesome. Bookmarked and stumbled :)

  6. Id definitely make a chocolate cake with these inside and then decorate the top with them by making them into super mini cupcakes. I've never seen these before!

  7. I would love to use the Reese minis in a luscious Brown Sugar Ice Cream or even a creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

  8. I'd chop them up and mix them into homemade vanilla ice cream.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  9. Wondering how these would settle in a martini for some reason? They just look like the perfect little decoration to put at the bottom of some sort of drink.
    (Then again I'm not even a martini fan. Coffee anyone?)

  10. woooooooooooooow meravigliosi dolcetti! complimenti :-D

  11. this looks delicious with peanut butter cups

  12. Good lord! That looks incredible!!!

  13. I recently read a recipe for chocolate cupcakes stuffed with with reese cups (and then the icing topped with mini reese cups) that these would be great for. Plus I'm sure I could manage to snack on some reese minis while I wait for the cupcakes to bake...

  14. Oh my goodness! Where do I start with my love for peanut butter? If I ever have any leftover, I would probably chop them up and throw them in a peanut butter fudge cheesecake.

  15. I would savor every bite instead of chomping them down and actually 'eating' them

  16. I like to use them in cookies...mmmm...peanut butter and chocolate wrapped up in cookie dough.

    sweetpeg at gmail dot com

  17. I would have to eat some of them as they are, but then I'd use the rest to make chocolate peanut butter brownies - yum!

    ajdoucette at shaw dot ca

  18. ahhh these look delicious!! I would probably make peanut butter chocolate cupcakes topped with these.

  19. Wow, those look really good! I'm so happy to have landed on your blog- I'm also from the GTA :) I'll definitely check out some of the patisseries you've visited!