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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Weekend Lunch

I just wanted to share my birthday weekend treats with you. Howard and I started off being really good! Bright and early, we both went to the gym - step class for me and the elliptical for him. It was such an uncharacteristic January day, sunny and warm, so we went downtown to have lunch at Nadege Patisserie. We've been before to pick up pastries, but we hadn't tried their sandwiches yet!

My favourite of the two was the smoked salmon, cucumber, dill, and cream cheese! A delicious buttery and flaky croissant with the crunch of the cucumber. Smoked salmon and cream cheese, always a winning combination.

We tried their breakfast sandwich which consists of bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and tomato. They heat it up for you so that you're not eating room temperature eggs and bacon.

The first dessert we tried was this green fuzzy-looking cube with the raspberry garnish and cute Japanese decal. Inside, the matcha green tea cake is composed of two layers, the top being raspberry mouse and the bottom being brown rice pudding.

Unable to resist, we tried two more desserts. The salted caramel mousse, which looks like a mouse, was very rich. Breaking it open, we were surprised to see that there are layers in this dessert!

Finally, our favourite of the picks that day, the raspberry tart. Seeds removed and filled with a syrup or jam, the raspberries themselves were a dessert on their own. But, on top of that scrumptious pastry cream, just wonderful!

If you are going to only pick one dessert, I think Nadege's tarts are worth a try. On previous visits, we've had the grapefruit and earl grey tart, a personal favourite of mine, and the mango coconut tart. They all have a great balance of sweet and sour.

PS: Took the photos on my iPhone. I need to remember to bring my camera out more often!


  1. Last time (and the only time) we went to Nadege and tried to take a photo of our purchased food, we got *advised* (or should I rephrased as kicking us out?) that photos are not allowed in the store. We got so pissed about their service and rudeness that we decided not to go back anymore - regardless of how pretty their cakes are. :(

  2. Wow, this food looks gorgeous... wish I could have one of those pastries right now!

  3. I just went to Nadege on my recent trip to Toronto, I love their macarons and sandwiches. Had their chocolate tart and it was amazing as well!

  4. Cherry, that is very unfortunate, I wish places would be nicer and explain why they prefer not to have their shops photographed. =(

    Alida, me too. I'd take either the sandwich or the tart right now.

    Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog, yay! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Nadege in Toronto!!