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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill

100 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1K9
(416) 366-7827

Once again, took the photos on my iPhone. But more importantly, why did it take us so long to try this restaurant???

One of my best friends recommended Starfish to us and because Howard knew that I was having oyster cravings, he took me there for my birthday dinner.

We ordered a North American oyster platter to start. These were fresh and tasty. Look at that horseradish puff ball in the middle! Once we finished all the oysters, we knew we should have ordered a larger platter.

Next time. There will be a next time.

The calamari starter blew me away. It was beautifully plated, but every piece had a purpose. We ate the calamari with the greens and diced peppers dipped in the orange and yellow sauce. If the leaves had been bigger, they would have made great taco shells with this delicious filling.

More please!

Fishcakes with a dill yogurt dressing. Again, eat everything together and the flavours just meld in your mouth.

Howard ordered the grilled Ontario heritage beef rib-eye with frites and knowing that we were sharing, our server had the dish split for us. Love it when restaurants are thoughtful and don't mind the extra plate. (Some places actually charge an extra sharing fee. Starfish doesn't!) This way we don't have to both awkwardly share from the middle of the table.

The rib-eye was medium rare like we asked, juicy and tender. The fries were incredible. I would go back for the fries alone! Who knew that we'd get the best rib-eye and fries at a seafood restaurant?

I think the pastry chef brought the desserts out for us. The sticky toffee pudding. I hear that Starfish is famous for it. Try it. You will not be disappointed. Mmm this was so good!

One more, the earl grey crème brûlée with candied orange zest and orange cookies. Strong earl grey flavours - over and beyond our expectations. 

It's safe to say that Howard and I have found our new favourite restaurant in Toronto! The service was excellent, the place was cozy and intimate, but also had a fun vibe to it. The best part is, their menu changes daily, so we can continue to visit and will be delighted with new dishes!


  1. wow! what beautiful presentation of that delicious food!

  2. Delicious food indeed, we're going back next month!

  3. I saw your blog on Cityline and this post is so great. I LOVE seafood and am definitely looking forward to trying this restaurant!!!

  4. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by! Starfish has amazing food, we actually went back last night for dinner!