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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dino-mite in Today's Parent Magazine

Something really cool arrived in the mail yesterday!

Er, no, we're not becoming a parent anytime soon. . . . But this is for all the moms, dads, and soon-to-be parents out there. There's some great things in the August 2012 issue of Today's Parent magazine.

First, there's a great spread about summer books for kids!

Second, a fabulous article about all the wonderful book stores in our area.

And of course a section about food! Yum, I could use some of those right now.

This issue also includes articles like: "How to host an Olympic party," "20 of the cutest kids’ sneakers," and "Coolest apps for kids."

And if you make your way to the last page of the magazine, you'll see all the monthly birthday wishes. Guess who made those cupcakes?

Yes! We did! Our first magazine feature!!

On our blog, you can find the step-by-step fondant instructions for the Tyrannosaurs Rex, Stegosaurus and water creature.

We have to give special thanks to Catherine Doherty, Freelance Prop-Stylist; Jodi Pudge, Photographer; Natalie Russell, Retail Account Manager; and Kate Stewart, Assistant Editor.

Most of all, thank you to Anita Chong and Griffin who received our very first dinosaur cupcakes! These cupcakes went on to inspire others here and here.