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Monday, September 8, 2014


3545 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-0522

I could jump for joy, I love Sprinkles! I love the design of their stores, I love the look of their products and packaging, I love how delicious their treats are! We made multiple trips back to Sprinkles during our stay in Vegas.
Everything tends to look better at night in Vegas - sparkly lights!
The famous cupcake ATM!!! We saw many people use it with such happiness and excitement when the cupcake was dispensed. I wanted to try, but it only takes credit card and I didn't want to pay for the exchange rate.
But it doesn't matter. You can get the same cupcakes in store! But we were here for their frozen treats.
I spy waffle cones and red velvet waffle cones!
If you order a Sprinkles sundae, you get a scoop of ice cream between a cupcake bottom and top. If your order a Sprinkles sandwich, you get a scoop of ice cream between two cupcake tops!
You can also get cookie sundaes, or a cookie sandwich with a scoop of ice cream in between.
We tried their yummy caramelized Cap'n Crunch ice cream which is what it sounds like, Cap'n crunch cereal sprinkled into milky Cap'n Crunch flavoured ice cream. And the strawberry ice cream, sometimes when the heat is too much, I default to fruits instead of chocolate or overly sweet desserts.
And our favourite, the blood orange sorbet, which is a dairy-free citrus sorbet flavored by zesty blood oranges. Perfectly refreshing!

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