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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cherry Soda Cupcake

I know this may or may not be big in the cupcake world, but the opening of a McNally Robinson in Ontario is news for my book world. I must have dragged Howard there at least three times now. Checking out up coming author events. Attending author events. Browsing the shelves and tables.
Watching their dessert and baking book section grow as new cookbooks come in. Looking through all their recommendations and displays. I love how there is so much care put into this bookstore.

The location doesn't hurt either. Located at the developing Shops at Don Mills, we love how we're outdoors. There's a great grassy square with patio chairs to listen to musicians. A fountain for children to wade in. Now, if only there were a cupcake shop!

So after an author reading on Saturday, Howard and I decided to have lunch at Prairie Ink restaurant in McNally Robinson.
It is so comfortable to sit on the second floor. *sigh* Umbrellas keeping us in the shade, the lovely occasional breeze, and the chatter of books and literature... okay, maybe just light and happy chatter around us. And the food was delicious, loved their sweet potato fries!

Now for the best news, Prairie Ink is also a bakery!
We spotted some cupcakes in their display case and just had to try one. They had mocha vegan cupcakes and cherry soda cupcakes. I was hoping it would be raspberry, but a soda cupcake is just as interesting! It was very filling, so we will have to come back to try the mocha vegan cupcake!


  1. What makes a "soda" cupcake? I've been meaning to go to McNally Robinson being the book lover I am...and now that I know they have cupcakes too? AH! :D

  2. Suzanne Gardner - Hi Suzanne! Yay for us book lovers! I guess there was "soda" in the ingredients? It wasn't a very prominent taste in the cupcake. More cherry and a very dense chocolate cake. I don't know if the cupcakes are a daily product, but they do have other baked goods! Lunch was pretty delicious too. =)