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Friday, June 19, 2009

How: Hedgehog Cupcake Set

How to make our little Hedgehog Cupcake Set!
  1. Bake 9 cupcakes of your choice. You can do 12 or any number, but we think that the square-shaped setup is cute.
  2. Gather some tools. Here, in the photo below we have: some brown jimmies/sprinkles, a stitching tool, a circle shape cutter, a veining tool, a tiny heart cutter, and leaf cutter. Not pictured, but will be needed are: rolled fondant, a roller, gel paste, toothpicks, a utility knife, a tiny circle cutter, and a practice mat.

  3. Let your cupcakes cool. Make some buttercream or frosting of your choice. Dab a good amount onto your cupcake.

  4. Using a metal spatula, smooth out the buttercream into a flat or dome shape. It doesn't have to be perfect, since it will be covered and smoothed again with fondant.
    This will do!

  5. Next, using your gel paste, dye a small ball of fondant green, a large ball of fondant sky blue, another small piece of fondant red, a medium sized piece brown, and a tiny piece dark brown.
    Note: To dye fondant, you simply use a clean toothpick, dab it in the gel and then poke it into the fondant. Never double dip your toothpick into the gel. Always use a clean one. Next, you knead the fondant until the colour is consistent throughout. If you happen to have pre-coloured fondant, that is even easier and this part is basically done for you!
  6. Roll the green fondant onto your practice board (or workspace). Cut out 7 little leaves. Imprint a simple line through the leaf with the veining tool.

  7. Roll the red fondant and cut out 2 tiny hearts and 2 tiny circles. Use the veining tool to create a dimple at the top and bottom of the circles so that they resemble apples. Then, I pushed a brown sprinkle into the fondant to create the apple stem.

  8. Roll out the brown fondant and using your utility knife, cut out 2 hedgehogs. I know this part is the trickiest part because it is hard to freehand shapes. Especially on soft fondant. I find that it becomes easier to work with if you let the fondant harden for a tiny bit, but not too hard that it crumbles! Don't forget to add the tiny fondant legs! I took tiny pieces of fondant and rolled them into small cylinder shapes.
  9. Find a small brown sprinkle and use that for the hedgehog's eye. I simply push it in, embedding the sprinkle into the fondant.

  10. Using the thinner side of the veining tool, softly press little dashes onto the hedgehog's body. This will create the spines. Let all the decorations sit on icing sugar to dry.
  11. Next, roll the blue fondant and cut out 9 circles.
  12. Using the stitching tool, carefully create a "path" on the fondant. Watch your turns! Try to plan out your path so that they connect when placed in a set.

  13. Finally, attach all the leaves, apples, hearts, and hedgehogs onto the 9 blue circles. The last step is to place the decorated fondant pieces on top of your delicious cupcake!
Step back, and enjoy your handiwork!


  1. Adorable! Great job and thanks for the how-to. :)

  2. How cute!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  3. Love the tutorial, very kind of you to share! Those hedgehogs are so cute! :)

  4. What great cupcakes! Love the hedgehog motif.

  5. Little Miss Cupcake - Thanks! =)

    Marian (sweetopia) - Thank you!

    apparentlyjessy - I miss doing tutorials, sometimes we forget when we're working hard on the decorations. There's no one there to snap the photos!

    lizzie - Thank you!

    Cucinista - Thanks! Hedgehogs are cute!

  6. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! The hedgehog is super cute!

  7. Thanks for sharing... I always wondered how to achieve such even domed cupcakes.



  8. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - Thank you! I'm glad you like the hedgehog!

    jacqueline - Thanks! Some cupcake recipes have the cake rise naturally domed and some remain more leveled. But frosting can always be shaped! =)

  9. Awww that little hedgehog is so adorable. And those swirls are just perfect.

  10. Bryt - Thank you! We adore hedgehogs >.<

  11. How To Be Perfect - Thank you!

  12. awesome. looking very tasty and unique. thanks for sharing with us your idea. Thanks

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