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Friday, June 5, 2009

Invader Zim Cupcakes

We made Invader Zim cupcakes! Now, we must admit that we had no idea what Invader Zim was before this request. I did once accidentally come across one of the characters before (was looking for "cupcake wallpapers") only because he was holding a cupcake. If you use Google Image and search for "Gir + Cupcake," a bunch of cute images will come up. Including an awesome pink wallpaper that's currently on my computer. So let us introduce our Invader Zim cupcakes:

Zim is a member of the Irken military. This is him in his natural alien form without his Earth boy disguise.

GIR is a dysfunctional robot that is suppose to help Zim, but often causes trouble!

GIR wears a dog disguise to blend in with us Earthlings.

Totally random, but GIR likes Giant Pigs!

This is Zim's house. Notice that he has a gnome in his yard to blend in with us on Earth.

Moose! Too cute! Found that Anna the Red has these funny Moose and Piggy & GIR bentos!

Have a happy Invader Zim birthday and a fantastic sleepover party!


  1. This is so awesome! I cant tell if you've done a good job since I've never heard of the characters, but they look so cute and funny!

  2. Those are awesome! I love Gir. Almost as much as he loves tacos.

  3. omg this is awesomely cuuute! gir wears a dog disguise is my favorite!

    i linked your blog!

  4. So Cute! Did you use sprinkles?

  5. Lol I cant judge how good a job you've done, considering I've never heard of these characters before, but they are super cute. What a storyline :P

  6. Jennywenny - Hahaha, glad I'm not alone here. I did watch a couple of Invader Zim clips on youtube. Gir is quite hilarious.

    Ainsley - Ainsley! Thank you so much!

    karl's sweet child - Thanks! I'll add you to our links too!

    Megan - Yes! We rarely use sprinkles, but we did it to make Zim's lawn look like grass.

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - Thank you! Too bad the show isn't on the air anymore, but it is available on DVD!

  7. I have an exboyfriend who would probably want to marry you if he saw these cupcakes. They're pretty awesome!

  8. Brilynn - Thanks for the compliment.

  9. Oh my goodness... I think I'll die from the cuteness overload!

    I ADORE invader Zim, so these really hit a soft spot with me. Amazing and perfect!

    I might be baking some treats for a buch of nerdy guys within a not too distant future and my original idea was a Super Mario cake. But if you don't mind I just might do some Invader Zim cupcakes to go with :D
    They are just too adorable.

  10. Miss Cupcake - Hehehe, thanks! I want to try Super Mario cupcakes one day. I can't wait to see your Invader Zim cupcakes!! =)

  11. I want those cupcakes! they are the cutest!

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