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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinosaur Birthday Cupcakes

Another birthday! This time we're going back in time - how far? We're not really sure. But get ready for some teeth, horns, and spikes!

Tyrannosaurus Rex!
"I have a big head and little arms!" - Meet the Robinsons




Brontosauruses in water!


Volcano... this isn't lava cake!

Have a happy 4th birthday Griffin!

Click on the links for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the T-Rex and Stegosaurus out of fondant.


  1. What exactly are the dinosaurs made of? Fondant? Brilliant work, that's really adorable.

  2. Rachell Taylor - Yup! Fondant and some of the dinosaurs have chocolate jimmies for eyes. Thank you!

  3. These are the cutest things ever! I'd love these for a birthday!

  4. Brontosauruses in the water and fossils? Wow, what amazing detail and creativity! These are fantastic.

  5. These are super cute and awesome!!!

  6. Those put a smile on my face. So cute!

  7. I loved dinosaurs more than barbies or dolls as a kid, and I reckon these cupcakes are freaking AWESOME! You are very talented with the fondant! :)

  8. Monica H - Thank you! The birthday boy loved them, he was rendered speechless!

    Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] - Thank you!

    Heather - Ghost Baker - Thank you so much!

    Grimmy - Thanks!

    cakeflower - Thanks for smiling! =)

    Dutch girl loves2bake - Thank you!

    apparentlyjessy - Hahaha, that is awesome! Howard did the meat eaters and trikes. Sylvia did the vegetarian land, water, and sky dinos!

  9. WOW!!! What amazing work. You are so inspiring!

  10. you are so insanely talented with the fondant. I'm barely getting into myself, and I have to get into it fast because I'm gonna be making a wedding cake decorated with it! sheesh!
    you're producing fondant porn! it's so awesome to look at! can't stop! keep coming back for more!

  11. Jenn - Thank you for the inspiring comment! =)

    The Scootabaker - Love the name! Love scooters (may need to make little fondant scooters one day) and love baking! Thank you so much for the awesome praise! We've never thought of it as fondant porn before! Best of luck on the wedding cake!

  12. OMG!
    Will you make these & ship.
    My son is turning 3 in August & is OBSESSED w/ dinos.
    These are freakin adorable!

  13. I can't believe I hadn't commented on these before...they are insanely great! My little guys would love them!

  14. Meghan - Aw thanks, but we can't ship cupcakes! The dinosaurs would become extinct before your son got them!

    cookies and cups - Thank you! =)

  15. Aw, you are awesome - best dinos ever!

  16. I would just die if you made little scooters! Make me a yellow one! That's the color of my Vespa! Ooh I'm so excited!

  17. The Scootabaker - Teehee, I think it'll be fun to make little scooters... most likely 2D ones!

  18. I love your dinosaurs! They are super cute & have given me a great idea for my son's 4th birthday! Now, if only I could make mine look half that cute!

  19. Tanner's Mom - Thank you! I'm glad the dino's have given you some ideas and I'm pretty sure yours will be cute too! =)

  20. I found these thru flickr and I love them!! very adorable! I would love to make these for my sons first birthday!

  21. Thanks you so much for sharing your pictures using a Creative Commons license! I linked to your fabulous Stegosauruses picture in a "Happy Birthday to Joomla!" article at the Joomla! Community Web site. Joomla! is an open source CMS offered to the world free of charge -- and the project has been in existence for four years. The colors of the dinosaurs are perfect for Joomla!'s colors - so it was a real treat (no pun intended) finding your shared image.

    Thank you so much!

  22. These cupcakes are so cute. My son's going to have a dinosaur party next weekend. Can you tell me how you made the dinosaurs?

  23. Little Bits - Thank you! =)

    AmyStephen - Thank you for letting us know and happy be-lated birthday! It is so neat that the colours match! Many thanks for linking to our blog!

    maura1016 - Thanks! I don't know if the instructions would be very helpful, the dinosaurs were hand-made from fondant. Please e-mail us at info@abakedcreation.com and we'll try to answer you questions. Thank you!

  24. I guess what I was wondering was what kind of fondant? I bought a packet of multi-colored rolled fondant from Michael's craft store. Would this work or is there a different kind I should use?

  25. Hi maura1016,

    Generally, any pre-made fondant will work. I'm assuming that the rolled fondant from Michael's is made by Wilton? This will definitely work and is good fondant to start with, but it does lack in taste. We would suggest Satin Ice or other types of fondant you can find at Golda's Kitchen (http://kitchenware.goldaskitchen.com/search?w=fondant&asug=&x=0&y=0)


  26. Hi there. Greetings from Malaysia! Awesome dinosaurs you have there. I hope you don't mind but I based the dinosaurs on one of my cakes on your little beauties. Of course, mine are crude versions of yours. LOL.



  27. Pauline - Malaysia! Wow, thank you! Of course I don't mind, I'm here to share my creations. When will you post your dinosaur cake on your site? I would love to see it!

  28. Hi Sylvia,

    I posted the dinosaur cake last year on my blog under Kids n Teens Cakes. Here it is:


    Thanks and regards,


  29. Hi Pauline, thank you for sharing your frolicking dinosaur cake! They are very cute and I've shared your link on facebook too!

  30. I found your dinos on flickr and followed you here! Stinking adorable, I made them for my friend's daughter yesterday! Thanks for the ideas!

  31. Heather - I ADORE THEM!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with me! =)

  32. Tu trabajo es adorable...Felicidades y mucho éxito.


  33. I just wanted to thank you, your tutorials are wonderful and helped me create cute toppers for a 4 yr old boys cupcakes. Because of you, less creative people like me can try and make neat stuff for our kids. Thanks again.

  34. Ingrid Hndez. and Anonymous, thank you for your kind words. =)

  35. These have got to be some of the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen! You must have an amazing amount of patience!

    We have featured them in our 25 best birthday animal cupcakes at http://partycupcakeideas.com/25-birthday-party-animal-cupcake-ideas/

  36. Hi there, these are just wonderful. My dino-obsesed son is turning 5 on Sunday and I am going to try my hand at making these.

    Question, I have never worked with fondant before. I have a recipe and all of the ingredients (including glycerin). Do you think it is worth my time to make the fondant or would I be better off buying premade?

    Thanks again- these are brilliant!

  37. Hi Carly,

    I would recommend buying pre-made fondant. From the Wilton cake decorating classes we took, we used pre-made and our instructor told us that it was fool's proof if it's your first time. It's smoother, has a good consistency, and is easier to work with. Best of luck!


  38. use the marshmallow fondant recipe

    just google it-

    it will list these ingredients-
    1 16 oz pk mini marshmallows
    4 tb water
    1tsp vanilla
    2 lb confectioners

  39. Sylvia-

    Did you let the fondant dinosaurs dry out before decorating the cupcakes?
    Should you leave the fondant fresh so they are chewy for the kids?

    Also, I would like to know what size cupcake holders you used for these.

    This is a truly awesome achievement in creativity. My son and I were surfing the web for dinosaur birthday cake ideas. He was like, "I want those for my birthday!"

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!


  40. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for writing! Yes, I do let the fondant dinosaurs dry first. Overnight usually does the trick so that it is not too hard and the inside remains chewy for kids to bite (GRR) into.

    I use cupcake liners that are 3 1/4 oz, you can also find out more here: http://www.abakedcreation.com/p/faq.html

    Best wishes to your son, I hope that he has a fabulous birthday!


  41. OMG - I was looking for some ideas for my 3yrs old nephew's b.day cake (he loves dinosaurs) and stumbled across your blog!

    You guys have done a truely amazing job in baking, blogging and reviewing! This is definitely gonna be a blog that I'll frequently visit!

  42. Just featured this on my little blog in a dino party round up. LOVE!!! So cute.

  43. Sophdobe - Welcome and thank you! =)

    Sweeter Hours - Cool!!! Here's the link everyone! http://sweeterhours.blogspot.com/2011/02/dinosaur-on-brain.html

  44. The Dino creation is sooo cool. You've done a truly amazing job. Hope you don't mind if I feature this on my blog. Thank you.

  45. can someone please post a how to on the Triceratops and the Stegosauruses?? i really want to know the shapes i need to use for them.. :)

  46. Hi Georgia,

    I haven't done a triceratops one yet, but here's the stegosaurus tutorial:

    Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  47. I'm not good with modeling things, but I'd be willing to give these a try for my Grandson's birthday. He would love them!! Thanks for the great idea!

  48. Best of luck Wendy, let us know if you have any questions!

  49. Thank you! Looks like you making amazing cakes yourself!

  50. Gorgeous! These are so great. My nephew wants a Pterodactyl cake so thanks for the ideas!

  51. Thanks for the kind words Cakefairyblog! I'm sure you'll make your nephew a fantastic pterodactyl cake. =)

  52. OMG, these are adorable! I would not want to eat them, only play with them ...

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